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  1. maria

    What can i use in substitution for shea butter in lip balm???

  2. Harri

    Hi soooo happy to have found you but one question… In the minty chic recipe you have a ‘c.’ Next to the coconut oil… What does that mean? Oh.. And another, can I add more coconut oil to soften the balm? Thank you ☺️

  3. Bec Rutland


    I’ve got a recipe for a super easy lip balm, which is just beeswax, shea butter and olive oil. Do I use just regular cooking olive oil?

    Also, what parts ratio would you suggest to get a firm lip balm? (I’m in Australia, so a firm lip balm would be suitable in our climate).

    I’ve tried lots of different ratios and just can’t get it right, but I’m wondering if it’s due to the quality of shea butter or olive oil I’m using.


  4. Diana

    Hi I would like to know what I can use instead of olive oil for lip balm what can I use as a substitute??😊
    Thank U

  5. clara

    loed making it


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