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  1. Ngeche Julita

    I need Rose essential oil. Whitening and nourishing body lotion

  2. Ngeche Julita

    I abide, no problem

  3. Ngeche Julita

    Roses essential oil, whitening and nourishing body lotion

  4. Michelle

    if you wanted a great after sun body product to smooth heal hydrate what blend of carrier oils would you choose
    Thanks in advance

  5. I love all the posts, I really enjoyed.
    I would like more information about this, because it is very nice., Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lori

    Hello, just wondering if you have any information on essential oils and hormone positive breast cancer. I have read conflicting literature about the use of lavender, red clover, and others. Do you know if there are any essential oils that a woman with estrogen positive and progesterone positive breast cancer should stay clear away from? Thanks!

  7. beth strickland

    I need info on fragrance body safe, kid friendly and essentials oils reference too, and safe colorants too.
    Making bath bombs and scrubs, and bubble bars

  8. kerim

    hello from turkey rose oil
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  9. Morag

    I’ve tried quite a few brands of essential oils. From the very cheap (Edens Garden, Aura Cacia, 365, NOW, Bulk Apothocary) to the more expensive (Rocky Mountain Oils, Rose Mountain Oils, Organic Infusions, Young Living)
    Sadly there is a wide discrepancy in the quality that is reflected in the price. The less expensive brands I have ended up using for cleaning the house. Edens Garden oils smell like they are old and dirty. I love Young Living and yes, I have not tried DoTerra. Only because there selection was so limited and I felt there wouldn’t be much differenance between them and Young Living.

    One thing I like about Rose Mountain and Organic Infusions is that I can get 30 ml bottles for the EO’s that I use most frequently. They also, both, have a large selection of other products and I’ve found their oils to be good quality. Organic Imfusions labels its products as Certified Organic or just organic, meaning the farm hasn’t been certified. Rocky Mountai Oils has a good selection of oils and blends but not a lot else. Some of their singles I really love but I got a peppermint that smells like cat pee to me. For what it is worth, I still use all 3 of these companies.

    Which brings me to Young Loving. Sigh. I really LOVE their oils. They have a clarity that I just don’t find, reliably, from any other company that I have tried. I did the whole kit and membership thing but only for my own needs. I’m not here to sell anybody anything. I use a lot of their other products as well and have been happy with my purchases (except for the Rose Ointment that has Patchouli in it. I hate Patchouli).

    These are my personal experiences and feelings. Hopefully you find them useful.

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  11. Thank goodness for this page… someone actually writing a sensible and safe list of essential oil uses. I commend you for pointing out neat usage, EO to avoid while pregnant AND TO NOT INGEST!!!!!!

    Clearly you aren’t just some MLM company shill. Good for you.

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  14. Kristin Leigh

    Great tips !
    I put a bit of Bergamot with a carrier oil on my hand to smell when I’m in a bad mood or anxious.
    I put peppermint with a carrier oil on my abdomen when I’m nauseous or have a stomach ache.

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  18. Christina

    Is Nature’s Bounty Earthly Elements peppermint essential oil safe to use in homemade toothpastes?

  19. a10

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  22. I found your article very interesting.
    However Young Living can be worn undiluted,
    Ingested, and defused.
    I wouldn’t use any other.
    Thanks Wendy


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