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  1. alissa

    Many of the recipes in your food on your face book call for lavender. what would be a good substitute if one is allergic to lavender? thank you!

  2. dennis b newell

    We got rid of a bad bedbug infestation in the house with, well it was either Tea Tree oil or Lavender oil, mixed into spray bottles with 91% alcohol. We weren’t shy about it either, our 1st experience with EOs. We burned through 2oz bottles of each and the bugs vaporized and were gone in two days! They really don’t much like the air that clean and fresh.

  3. so glad you mentioned that EOs are NOT to be taken internally. You provided a great description and lots of wonderful information. Thanks.
    With all the hype from YL and DoTerra people tend to have become experts due to the MLM practices of these two companies. The FDA has filed against both of these corporations for basically practicing medicine without a license.
    I have grown and used herbs for several decades and regardless of what they say I would never take these internally or put them on my skin neat ( other than possibly Peppermint and Lavender)

  4. jen

    Hi. I have heard that you should store essential oils in a refrigerator and that you must be able to check on the company’s website for the chemical tests by lot number or you can’t be sure of the potency/expiration date. It makes sense to me and seems important given they are used medicinally plus are so expensive. Do you have any thoughts?

  5. Myra

    Hi there

    I love using Argan Oil on my hair – its great for taming frizz out and serves as a good heat defence when straightening or blow drying.

    However I was wondering whether you could recommend an essential oil that I could use with it for heat defence purposes too… I hate the smell of argan oil and was wondering if I mix essential oils in it could they damage my hair under a hair dryer?

    Appreciate your response!


  6. Jessica P

    How would I dilute vitamin E oil?

  7. Faith Britton

    Hi CB, I’ve tried almost every pure essential oil made and simply love NOW Essential Oils. I use it homemade cleaning products/vapor ointment, when showering, or bathing. For it’s simply the best. I’m happy you’re helping others to realize essential oils usage.

    • Angela

      Hi. Faith. Thanks for sharing about NOW essential oils. In the last two months, I have been learning about EOs and bought several NOW oils at GNC, with the initial intent of using them in more natural cleaning products, getting away from many that are chemical-based and hard to breathe when using. I cannot say that they have had any health benefits for me yet, as I am fortunate to not be prone to a lot of illness, but I have bought NOW grapeseed oil and have used lavender in it on my skin, and have used peppermint for headaches, but I am still learning. I did, however, just purchase the NOW diffuser, two actually, which just arrived this past Saturday afternoon, and I have been enjoying blending oils for scent.
      Any additional insight you can provide would be welcome. I have about 10 different bottles now and am ready to learn.

  8. susan schmidt

    thank you for the great info. i have been buying oils from ananda apothecary and rocky mountain oils. they have great products and reasonably prices unlike young living and doterra

  9. I am just getting my site up and running.

  10. Manuela Augustine

    I am trying to make up my own mixture of Deep Blue for my cousin who is 70 years old, and who is not on any type of medication as well as for a lady who is 80 after they suffered from a nasty bout of a virus from a mosquito in the caribbean which cause inflammation and joint pains – I have bought all the ingredients, including wintergreen, which you said is poisonous – could you tell me the dosage of the different oils being used namely wintergreen, camphor; peppermint; blue tansy; german chamomile; helichrysum and osmanthus – in the synergistic mix – how many drops of all these oils to make up the mix? I will make up the mix and the post it in a 10 ml bottle to my cousin with specific instructions. I should appreciate your advise.

  11. Adrienne

    I noticed you highly recommend MRH. That is awesome considering I just bought a ton of their oils! I am new to all this and I have a number of questions that I can’t seem to find on their site.

    #1 – are they therapeutic grade?
    #2 – what number of distillation do they use? I think I read somewhere that they use the first but haven’t been able to verify that.
    #3 – it says on their site not safe to be used on children. I assume that is using the oil “neat” and not diluted with a carrier oil. one of the reasons I am getting into oils is to have a natural alternative for my children.

    Any answers you are able to provide would be awesome!

    Thanks so much!


  12. Esther

    Sorry, *check out, not can.

  13. This is a great explanation about essential oils. I agree that most EOs cannot be used neat or undiluted – other than therapeutic essential oils such as Young Living. Even with YL, not all can be ingested or used on children so take note.

  14. John

    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.

  15. John


    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, even “therapeutic essential oils from Young Living” as you referenced in your post, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.


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