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  1. Sarah

    Hello everyone!
    I’ve never used Essential oils and I have some questions about them.
    First: What motivates you to use it?
    Does it really work?

    • I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils #1525537

      I am motivated to use oils due to their natural healing abilities. YLEO are pure. They offer a seed to seal guarantee. I trust the quality. I used YLEO Thieves to treat pre-cancer growths on my arm, I use lavender instead of a sleep aid, Stress Away instead of anti-anxiety Meds, I use oils for pain control, face/skin care – in fact, I now make my own products, make my own laundry soap & scent with YLEO. I could go on & on. The impact YLEO have had on my life is huge. Being a member of the Young Living organization provides me the support I need to learn more & more about using essential oils.

      Best wishes on your oily journey. I am open to emails if you have any questions.

      • Dear Donna, I have bought quite a few oils from YLEO and joined up; I was interested that you used Thieves to treat pre-cancer growths – I have a lot of spots on my skin – would thieves be best to use on them – I have been using Oregano. Would be interested to know.
        Also I have a broken arm which is now taking its time to mend – I used a lot of YLEO in the early days – PainAway; Wintergreen; Rose; lots of oils however I am stuck now – I am being told I need an operation on the arm – i know I do not so any thoughts on which oils to use from the Young Living range would indeed be mucha ppreciated.
        thank you

      • Kayode Ogunbunmi

        I am looking for essential oils to buy for a research. Just a small quantity that could lead to purchase of large quantity.


      • Hi, if you don’t mind me asking, which oils have you found to be most beneficial for pain relief? Also, does whether or not you eat clean dramatically impact the benefits of the oils? Thanks!

    • Manda

      I had psoriasis for years & kept on getting different creams & lotions from the GP but none of them worked. So 1 day I read up fully on the EO’s I had for cleaning & making face masks. I made myself a blend of oils, carrier oils, butters, vit E & I mixed that with some bees wax to make a balm. I couldn’t believe it within a week it had started to work. I thought I might of just been me getting less stressed so it es going on its own but I’ve since given the blend to 2 friends who suffer from psoriasis badly whom also couldn’t get any help from the GP. Now they both call it a miracle oil & have told me I should sell it. However I would like to do an aromatherapy course first so I could make other blends to help people & I have no idea on selling my products, so I’d have to look into that as well.
      So what I’m trying to say is that you don’t need a lot of knowledge to make some wonderful smelling & useful products that are kinder to you, your family, your animals & the environment as you’re not using harmful chemicals.

      • Felicia

        I would love to know your mixture for psoriasis. I have a guy friend who has it really really bad. And would love to make some to help him. thanks

        • Please contact me if you are still interested in essential oils for Psoriasis- my 6 year old has suffered with it for several years and I’ve finally found an essential oil combination that is working like a miracle!

      • misty

        I,too,would really like to know your mixture for psoriasis. I’ve been suffering from this skin disease for over 10 yrs now & I’ve literally tried everything. My husband also has it too. Do you know if it will work for eczema,which my children have? Please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

        • Joan

          Me 3. I would greatly appreciate it if you can share your recipe of the mixture for psoriasis. ;))

          • Please contact me if you are still interested in essential oils for Psoriasis- my 6 year old has suffered with it for several years and I’ve finally found an essential oil combination that is working like a miracle!

        • Davonna

          It the wheat products that you’re eating. Go gluten free and watch the psoriasis clear right up. It’s the food you’re eating. However oils are nice also.

      • My 15 yo daughter has suffered severely from eczema. She’s been on steroid pills, creams and every prescribed topical ointment on the market. I am desperate to approach this skin issue with a more natural/healthy method. The steroid pills she takes are not at all healthy on her system but I dont know what else to do. I would love your recipe for the psoriasis mixture as this may help with my daughter. Thanks so much!!

        • Edensmomma

          In answer to your daughters eczema problem, I am a first time mother of an 8 month old. I just took her to an herbalist because I thought she had a rash and he told me it was eczema. She started out with it on her leg and within a couple weeks in spread all over her torso. He suggested I start giving her “Kali sulph” It is a homeopathic remedy used for various skin conditions. He recommended I give her two tablets three times per day. That was two weeks ago and there has been a significant change in her eczema! I do not know much about essential oils though I full heartedly believe they work but I am just a mom wanting to help another mom. I hope you find something for your daughter.

        • Davonna

          Also try gluten free products. wheat is in everything. The skin is only releasing what your system cannot release in its normal ways. Eating habits need to change to produce healthier skin.

      • JackieB

        Interested in the blend for psoriasis. Suffer from this too.

      • Helen

        Thanks for sharing – can you please post your recipe for psoriasis?

      • I too would like to know your formula for psoriasis and would appreciate if you would share it.

    • Cathy Rice

      I use Young Living Essential Oils. They are the most pure and best for anyone. Most articles say not to ingest them (that means that something hidden has been added). I would steer clear of those companies. Young Living can be ingested. I am motivated to use them because they do work. go to Young Living website and check it out. If you are interested in signing up, contact me. Signing up means buying at 24% discount. You are able to earn free products. Other oil companies are less expensive, that is because the process of producing it means cutting corners. I want the most pure. I will pay extra for the best.

      • Beth

        no. Ingestion is dangerous and any professional will tell you this. “Drinking ” eos or telling someone it is safe is irresponsible. The danger has nothing to do with quality of your MLM oils you are hawking. Shame on reps who recommend this unsafe practice.

        • There are some essential oils that can be ingested in very small amounts. For example peppermint oil capsules, which help IBS symptoms. I have used Young Living essential oils and they are of very high quality. Whatever people decide to do it is important to remember that essential oils do not disperse into water and therefore even the ones that are safe to ingest need to be taken with a dispersant drink, like milk or within special capsule. It is advisable to consult a professional in any case. All the best.

  2. dan

    Diagnosed with haglund heel, any oilthat will help with paon discomforts

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  4. Janet

    I understand that a few drops of lavender essential oil in the air conditioning system will leave a pleasant whole-house fragrance. But I don’t know where you put the drops of oil – on the filter? or where?

    • Cathy Rice

      I don’t know about the air conditioning system, but you can put a few drops on a cotton ball or tissue and put in the air vents.

      I use Young Living essential oils. If you are interested, email me.

  5. Diane

    What oils are good for arthritis in hands and knees?

  6. Lisa

    Hi I’m looking to use essential oils in my cleaning products. Say 18 drops in 750mls. Do u know if this is safe for children and pets? Or can recommend a book or website that could give me more info on this? Thanks!

    • Cathy Rice

      Young Living essential oils are safe for pets and children. Other oil companies do not recommend that nor do they recommend ingesting them. Young Living are safe for ingesting. They also have a line of cleaning products.Email me for more questions. Member #1904120

  7. Hi! Do you recommend a book/blog/info dump about using essential oils in skincare? It aint easy to find out how to use them on my skin, and I’m all about it.


  8. Shannon

    I know this may be a stupid question, but is all peppermint essential oil consider gras? I bought some to flavor my homemade toothpaste with. I’ve read conflicting information and want to be sure before I use it.

    • Shannon, not all essential oils are created equal. Zija International has just launched its patented process of AMÉO Essential Oils product division. In particular their Peppermint Essential Oils is a powerful, distinct oil that immediately ignites the senses. Once inhaled or consumed, it goes right to work stimulating the mind and body. Peppermint oil is used aromatically, topically and internally to aid in digestive health, relieve stress and freshen breath. Massaging with the oil can help relieve skin redness and irritations. As far as usage is concerned AMÉO Peppermint oil is ATIDS based on the following key. A: AROMATICALLY – oils can be inhaled or diffused in the air, T: TOPICALLY – Oils can be applied to skin. Some oils require dilution with a carrier oil, I: INTERNALLY – Oils can be taken internally in food, beverages, or an Améo Veggie Cap, N: NEAT – Oil requires no dilution, D: DILUTE – Oil requires dilution with a carrier oil such as Améo Fractionated Coconut Oil, S: SENSITIVE SKIN – Oils should be used with caution on delicate skin; dilute with carrier oil, P: PHOTOSENSITIVITY – Oils require avoidance of direct sunlight or UV rays for at least 12 hours Member # 2424832

  9. Georgia

    Hi! Is it necessary to dilute an oil if you’re going to inhale the vapor, rather than use it topically? I’m asking because I had been rubbing a drop of frankincense on the palms of my hands and then inhaling to treat asthma. After awhile, I developed a reaction on my skin. Now I’m applying the oil to a piece of paper in a ziploc bag and inhaling from that to avoid skin contact.


    • April

      You don’t need to dilute for inhalation. However, be careful using the oil for inhalation if you’ve had a skin reaction. You may be lucky and it just be a reaction on your skin, but there is a possibility you’ve sensitized yourself. If that is the case, inhalation could bother you with that particular oil.

    • Linda

      Add your oil to a cotton ball, then drop that into a Ziploc bag.

    • Cathy Rice

      Use a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil. A carrier oil helps it to go on better and releases the oil slowly. I am a Young Living essential oils member. Contact me for more info. Young Living is safe to inhale and to ingest.

  10. Becky

    PLEASE check out ‘Using Essential Oils Safely’ facebook group. They are run by certified aromatherapists and can give you TONS of information on how to use the oils, which are unsafe for children, which brands are best, etc.

  11. Michele

    Thank you for all the great info. Help me understand more about “ingestible” EOs versus “noningestibles”. If “noningestibles” are okay for use in soaps and other skin products, and the skin absorbs what’s put on it into the blood stream, then 1) why are “noningestible” EOs okay in skin care products, and 2) why can’t we ingest “noningestible” EOs under the tongue or diluted in a glass of water, for example?

    Thanks in advance –

  12. Tammy Theriot

    What are carrier oils – I know you use these to mix with the pure oils, but is it like coconut oil,olive oil, etc.? Thanks

  13. Lori

    Hi, I am new to making perfume and need to know can any scent in a bottle that says essential oil or essential fragrance be used to make perfume? Or do you have to use a specific product for perfume?

    • Pat

      Lori, I am relatively new to the essential oils world, but I do remember reading somewhere (check or that essential oils are the pure life essence of the plants from which they are derived. An essential fragrance is often obtained with solvent or alcohol distillation which make the essential fragrance a better choice for making fragrances as they are usually less expensive.
      I hope the information and the info sites are of benefit.
      Good luck.

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  15. Superb post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a
    little bit more. Cheers!

    • Ryan

      I am a wholesale distributer for Young Living Essential Oils. Contact me if you have any questions and I would be glad to answer them

  16. Rasheea

    This is very good info.! Thanks for sharing. How can a prolong the scent of essential oils in my handmade melt and pour soaps?

  17. vikram

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  18. Lili

    Hello, is your royally flawless facial oil safe to use during pregnancy please?
    Many thanks x

  19. Cindi T

    I love this post. Will sign up to get your blog on my feed. Thanks

  20. You said that “Remember that what you’re allergic to in food, you will be allergic to in essential oils.” This is not true as stated by Dr. David Stewart, PhD, DNM in his book “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”.

    He quotes the following..

    Allergens are almost always composed of proteins or polypeptides, which are relatively large molecules. There are no proteins or polypeptides in essential oils. In fact, nitrogen containing compounds are virtually non-existent in essential oils except in occasional trace amounts. Allergens are composed of large molecules. There are no large molecules in volatile or aromatic oils, otherwise they would be neither volatile or aromatic.

    There has never been a documented instance of an anti-body response (i.e. sensitization) to an essential oil. Essential oil antibodies have never been found or detected in anyone. Unless sensitization occurs and antibodies are produced and stored in the body, there can be no allergic reaction. Therefore, we can state unequivocally that essential oils are not and cannot be allergens. Sometimes people do have allergy-like reactions but these are no allergenic in nature. They are detox reactions.

    From my personal experience, this is true with REAL essential oils. Many found in retail stores are not pure as stated on their labels.

    Because the FDA does not control essential oils, as long as a company puts at least 5% real essential oil in a bottle (the rest is a carrier oil) then they can label it as pure so it’s critical to know your buying pure EO.

  21. you can extend the life of your oils by adding vitamin E capsule to your oil. Just get a vitamin E capsule, break it open, and add it to your oil

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  23. Just had a friend diagnosed with fluid on lung and lung problems for a few months – biopsy (done on Monday) said no permanent damage but damage caused by essential oil use. She has been in intensive care since Friday night.

  24. Just be careful using essential oils. Can mess up your breathing system – Lungs.

  25. Hector X. Medina

    I notice ‘Now’ sells essential oils that are 100% pure and organic. They are a fraction of the price that ‘Young Living’ essential oils, also pure and organic (of course) are. The question is, are Now’s EOs as potent as YL’s are???

    • Cathy Rice

      I am a Young Living member. Young Living are the purest. They own their own farms, plant their own seeds, harvest the product, distill it, test it, and seal it. We are the only EO that can claim “seed to seal”. That is why it costs more. With YL you can be sure nothing hidden has been added. Other companies state to not ingest the oils. YL are completely safe for ingesting, for pets and children. I would rather pay more being I know where the oil comes from and how it is produced. If you would like to be a member you can get 24% off by signing up. My member #1904120

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  28. Dale

    Hello, i know nothing about EO but I’m looking for sauna essence and I’m wondering if I could use EO diluted in water to mist onto sauna rocks. Any one have any experience with this, thanks

  29. Feel free to reach out to me by email and I can give you my number…I have been with a company for a while now and they have great products but also a great comp plan compared to a lot of different companies out there. we just released our Ameo Oils line which is a certified clinical grade oil. Would love to share more information with you. Please reach out to me. One of the top distributors from one of the leading essential oils company just moved over to Ameo oils…The experience, the quality of the product, the comp plan, and the partnering of the moringa nutrition makes this an even more powerful solution to great health and living..

    Thanks and I look for ward to hearing from you. _ Nick

  30. Theresa

    Hi. Thank you for the information. I have read about using Young Living oils for weight loss by injesting lemon, grapefruit and peppermint. Are these safe to injesting? Also, I have hypothyroidism, are these oils safe with my levothyroxine medication?

  31. Brian

    Great post – thanks. I’m purchasing a EO diffuser for my office, and noted the caution against exposure for pregnant and nursing women. If I had a diffuser running in my office with one of the oils mentioned, would I be putting my pregnant/nursing co-workers at risk if they were in my office for, say, an hour meeting or other such situations?

  32. What is your opinion about doTERRA oils? My children use them for the grandkids and like them…should they try something else?

  33. Laura

    As someone who has used and researched essential oils for 20+ years I am bummed to see how much misinformation there is in this article! Please don’t believe everything you read people. Educate yourself!

  34. Jane

    SMH at all of these Young Living Distributors saying their oils are the most pure and safe to be ingested. People, do your research please before being scammed by these distributors. There are third party sites that test the oils from different companies. Young Living oils are not more “pure” nor are they safe to be ingested without consulting a certified aromatherapist who is trained to know what amount of what oils can safely be ingested and by who. Some ages or people with certain conditions cannot ingest this or that oil. 1 drop of Lemon EO is equivalent of consuming like 1000 lemons. Young Living and Doterra and any other MLM company’s oils are more expensive not because they are pure but because they have to feed MANY mouths down the MLM chain. There are many companies out there that have pure oils without additives that are WAY more affordable. I am not a seller or a certified aromatherapist. I am just tired of all these MLM distributors spreading lies just so they can make a buck.

  35. Dalia

    Hi! I’ll be working with a large group of people and making lots of 4oz jars of bath salts using essential oils and I’d like to know if anyone knows where I can order essential oils in bulk for a good price. Thanks!

  36. Shelly Sumerix

    i have been using bulk apothecary. i recently ordered sandalwood and it seems oily. is this typical of this particular essential oil? i have been mostly pleased with this company. curious to hear any feed back from others who have used this company.

  37. Donna Holton

    I could not get the link for :

    “USE ESSENTIAL OILS TO HELP YOUR MOOD. Lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, chamomile, lemon, ylang-ylang all help produce happy, joyous moods. Clary sage helps with PMS (although there have been reports that overuse of clary sage can lead to intoxication). Rosemary increases focus and concentration. Don’t forget the mood benefits of essential oils. Here’s an information packed aromatherapy reference chart to refer to.”

    To work. It gave me this message:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /downloads/Aromatherapy EO Reference Chart.pdf was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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  40. Lona

    This was very helpful and I will be using a lot of this information and reading your other articles.

    One thing that bothered was the phrase “rule of thumb.” I’m sure you don’t know that the origin of this phrase is in British Common Law and it’s use was that a man may beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb.

  41. Hey mate,

    Thanks for sharing these facts about essential oils. Essential oils are very helpful for us to get physically fit. It helps us to boost our immune system and keeps us fit and fine.

  42. jessilynn

    I use the oil cleansing method and I want to know what oil to use if I’m probe to black heads?

  43. K Town

    Do not use Essential Oils when traveling by air. You may make others around you sick. Airlines have policies about heavy fragrances so you need to be aware and respectful of others. You may like the scents you’ve chosen but that doesn’t mean everyone will.

  44. Sharon

    Tea tree oil! I did not even think of this as an essential oil product. It has been a staple of my bathroom cabinet for years as a shampoo additive. One or two drops in the bottle of shampoo and those pesky head lice (that I frequently encounter in elementary school settings) are goners! I have waist length hair, and after contracting lice a couple of times, I asked my primary physician what I could do besides keep my hair up (a possibility) or cutting it short (not happening).

    He suggested an “old wives tale” remedy of tea tree oil in my shampoo. He is not typically an alternative medicine sort of guy, so I was surprised that he even suggested it. By golly it works! I have been a teacher for over thirty years –28 of them head lice free. I shared this idea with several colleagues and parents, and they all report the same results.

    For those of you exposed to all sorts of nasty little critters in the public sector–try tea tree oil in your shampoo!

  45. Erin

    My 3 year old has severe eczema, what combination could you recommend for relief for her? I hate the thought of continuing to use steroids on her little body. Thanks so much!

  46. cindy

    What would be a good oil for a enlarge Spleen and to improve Red Blood cells?

  47. Kerry

    Hi. I’m hearing conflicting opinions regarding using lavender oil on my children. I have a 10 yr. old son & 7 yr. old daughter. I love to use the lavender with peppermint & lemon for my son’s allergies. I will also rub some on his temples for a headache. I will also apply to my daughter’s temples for a headache or put a couple drops in her bath. Is this OK? I’ve heard especially in boys that you should not use lavender because it has estrogen in it.

  48. John

    I have found a Great site to purchase your oils from they sale 100% pure essential oil and have great prices this site is defiantly the best i have found throw my hours of searching. hear is the link this site is a most see.

  49. Esther

    Sorry, *check out, not can.

  50. This is a great explanation about essential oils. I agree that most EOs cannot be used neat or undiluted – other than therapeutic essential oils such as Young Living. Even with YL, not all can be ingested or used on children so take note.

  51. John

    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.

  52. John


    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, even “therapeutic essential oils from Young Living” as you referenced in your post, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.


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