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  1. Teresa

    I’ve enjoyed reading this site. There is a lot of good information and banter (though some isn’t so friendly, chill guys). I myself have only been using EO’s for a little under two years. Yes, they have changed my life and for the first time I feel empowered and able to be in charge of my own health care. I am healthier now than I’ve been in a very long time. I’m one of those persons who will take the time to check things out. My daughter told me about EO’s and a fairly new company, doTERRA. I wanted to believe all the wonderful things she was telling me, but not without checking out the company and putting the products to the test. At a lot of expense for me I did some investigating. So far I’ve found the company to be sound and based on ethical principles. I checked into the CTPG cirtification and found it to be sound also. Though the company pays for these extensive tests, they themselves do not perform them. It is third party and I believe available for other companies. With how extensive these tests are it may not be cost prohibative for many companies, however. I hope that others will follow suit eventually cause I know there are many very good EO companines out there. I do believe in EO’s now as I’ve had remarkable results for many health concerns and haven’t had to go to the doctor since I’ve been using them. I’m glad there is a standard finally set up (you guys should check out testing, it’s remarkable)that insures complete purity so that I may feel safe using these oils in a variety of ways, including internally. And yes, they are safe in their PUREST form for internal use. Other companies that follow suit will just give me more choices and give doTERRA healthy competition. HEALTHY competition is a good thing in my book. These oils are starting to ease their way into western medicine. The coming together of a variety of health care choices is what’s needed in this country, and it’s about time. Keep up the good work everyone in taking charge of your own health and the health of your families. Let’s hear it for the family!!!!

    • Bobbie

      I am so happy to hear that Teresa has done research and not just taken someone’s word! I too have started using EOs, through doTERRA and have had many great health benefits, as have the rest of my family.

      • TheReviewer

        No, DoTerra has NOT “done research. They are a multi-level marketing company using false claims about products. They pretend their products are the “most pure”, they invented a phrase indicating they are certified when they are not, and they are actually telling people – against ALL evidence that this is safe – to INGEST some of the oils. Stay away.

        • Johnson

          You sound so anti-DoTerra that you lose all credibility. You sound like you’ve invested so much in time and effort in bashing DoTerra, that you’d keep bashing them no matter what research was done on their oils. I don’t really care what your background is, you’ve lost all credibility by the way that you’ve vehemently bashed the DoTerra company completely. Do you know what Medical Doctor’s do as research? They try out things, and look at the results. My results in using DoTerra oils compared with other oils is that they have worked better. I haven’t used all the different brands, but out of the ones I’ve used, DoTerra have given me the best results. It’s not unsafe to ingest certain essential oils, at all. It’s like saying that it’s unsafe to ingest tylenol, or ibuprofen. It’s not unsafe when done in the proper quantities. You’re ignorant by denouncing a companies’ product just because of the way that they’ve chosen to market it. By the way, DoTerra has grown into a company with more than 100 million dollars in sales per year in just 6 years, marketing the way that they do. I think they’ve made wise business decisions up to this point by marketing the way that they have. I don’t sell DoTerra, because I’m not interested in doing sales, at all. But, their oils work really well, and I personally have seen great benefits from using them.

          • TheReviewer

            Credibility? YOU use “i’ve used them, they work” as evidence, whereas, so sorry, all I did, as a health care provider, was a methodical review of the evidence. You use anecdotal “evidence” as “proof” that these things work, when the actual truth is, there is no evidence out there. Studies have not been done.

            You must be a true believer, as in the religious sense: belief, blind trust, without evidence. And nothing, no evidence at all, could shake your “belief”. That’s a problem, when you believe in a profit-making venture’s product claims to the point that you can’t see straight.

            I have nothing to do with this company. Furthermore, I did not spend much time writing about doTerra – and by the way, the term “bashing” is generally reserved for propaganda, i.e., baseless claims based on no evidence, such as yours. As a health care provider, when I come up against an anti-science claim that could be dangerous for consumers, I do take a good look at the evidence and the claims – and when the opportunity arises, I do let people know what I found.

            Other essential oil manufacturers/distributors sell certified organic oils; DoTerra does not. other essential oil manufacturers do not use MLM scams to sell their products; DoTerra does. Other essential oil companies tell people up front that the FDA has not “approved this” info; DoTerra does not. Other companies warn people, as the association for aromatherapists does, that these oils should NEVER be ingested: DoTerra tells people to ingest them (BTW, there IS no “safe dose”; the “safe dose” is “none”). Other companies do not pretend to have scientific evidence when there isn’t any. Other companies don’t make up fake “certifications”. Your ridiculous comparison of tylenol or ibuprofen is just that: those are MADE to be ingested, and essential oils are NEVER meant to be ingested.

            I saw false claims all over the internet, and got reports from colleagues who got suckered into actually paying to go to a doTerra “class”. These “classes” are based not on science, but on marketing.

            You obviously do sell the stuff, or your friends do, and you are engaging in group-think. I hope you don’t make medical claims or tell people to ingest the oils, because you are liable, not the company.

    • April

      I get tired of hearing lies repeated, and within the world of EO’s there are many fallacies being believed. I have to respond to this one…

      doTerra is not an ethical company, if it was, they wouldn’t propogate lies for profit… The “CTPG” that you refer to is NOT a “certification” for EO’s, as they would have you believe. It is a “Registered Trademark”, signified by the little circled R behind the “CTPG”… There are many other things of which I could address, but that is for another day.
      Good luck, and keep digging and searching for Truth! :)

      • Katie

        So true, April! Drives me crazy.

      • TheReviewer

        THANK you THANK you APRIL!!!! And people should get a clue, when they are asked to PAY to go to a sales pitch. As soon as the non-medical providers that sell the stuff start getting sued and prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license, maybe that scam will tumble.

  2. Lisa Truitt

    I don’t buy the idea u must buy the pricey oils for them to work well. I use almost exclusively now brand for everything and have had good results.

    • Shonna

      I think it’s wonderful that you’re starting somewhere. I used the NOW brand for several years with great results. I’ve recently discovered Young Living and WOW way different. I’ve found that the brands in our local stores are cut with carriers and preservatives. Young Living is completely pure. I mean a small bottle of sandalwood from NOW costs about $15. Young Living’s cost well over $100. The difference is that YL offers completely pure oils. A closer look at my NOW sandalwood bottle showed that it was in a carrier oil. I prefer to buy my own carriers and mix my favorite oils into them on my own. Wishing you continued success!

  3. you said eo’s should not be taken internally, yet I have been using doterra’s GX Assist for my 33 year old handicapped daughter who has a lot of trouble with yeast and bacteria and GI problems ( all typical of her handicap which is 22q13 deletion syndrome) I’m only giving her one capsule a day and even though it’s a 10 day course I may continue with this for a while as I am seeing a calmer happier person that meds just haven’t been able to achieve…any advise? I am new to eo’s and want to learn all I can and use them wisely as I suspect I have found something much better for her than all the stuff that has been prescribed by her good doctors over the years.

    • The GX and PB assist are like supplements. I personally don’t use them but I do use doterra oils internally. I would not with any other company. I use them on my whole family and we have no issues. If you read the labels of most oils it does have a warning of not taking it internally – but not doterra’s. Best of luck to you and your daughter!

      • TheReviewer

        The products are NOT organic. They are NOT regulated. The company is a scam – a scanm – and you are taking them internally, when the national assoc of aromatherapists strongly advises against this.

    • Young Living Oils you can ingest without any danger! They are amazing and personally wouldn’t use any other brand. If an essential oil says not to ingest I probably wouldn’t put it on my skin because your skin absorps very quickly and it goes straight to your blood stream.

    • Marianne

      DoTerra and Young Living are both Multi Level Marketing companies, making the oils more expensive. All pure essential oils are therapeutic. Young Living tried to copyright the term to set them apart. DoTerra is run by people who left Young Living. These two companies, as well as many others, get their oils from the same suppliers. They make their own blends, but there are some standard blends that are very similar from company to company. Ingesting oils is not necessary because they are so easily absorbed through the skin. I get my oils from a smaller company who uses the same suppliers and I get a lot more for my money!

      • Jenny

        Do you mind sharing the smaller company?

      • greg

        Much of this statement is quite misleading and not very well researched. There are a few marketers of EO that have actual farms where the plants are grown and harvested…some may even distil their own oils. There is only one producer of EO that controls the entire process from beginning to market. There is one large co. that claims to be pure and has been proven in court to have been making false statements and claims of purity. There are several companies that own no land and only a building where they do the paperwork and perhaps receive and reship their products because they source it all from someone else.

  4. Very new to EO’s and I heard that Helichrysum EO can restore hearing? What would be the best source for this purpose and how to use it? Thanks~Linda

    • Whenever you get an essential oil, you want to make sure it’s 100% pure! There are a few good places out there, but I use and sell doterra because I feel it’s the purest and safest to use. One of the best websites on how to use an essential oil is I hope this helps and best of luck to you!

  5. Claire

    After buying several carrier oils and essential oils on Amazon, I’m now wondering if I’ve wasted my money. It’s just sad that consumers can’t get honest information regarding a product. While not all EO’s and carriers have to be expensive, it’s weeding out the ones that are pure vs. cut/synthetic that’s the hardest. I think this is what turns some newbies off from using EO’s for Therapeutic purposes… they buy an EO expecting a certain result, see none, and then, understandably, think they “just don’t work.”
    Great information, Crunchy Betty! Your blog is one of my favorites now. ;)

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  7. Another great place to buy oils is online from Pompeii Street Soap Co. They sell organic, natural body products and essential oils. Jess has all her oils GC-MS tested and the results available online.

  8. DeAnna

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  10. Teresa

    I’m not hear to debate semantics on the exact meanings behind doTERRA’s CPTG rating on their oils. Weather it’s a “trademark” or “certification” in the legal sense does not concern me. What I learned is that the tests are being done and they are extensive. Because of that the company can then give you their promise that they are what they say. There really are extensive test, and they are being done by companies other than doTERRA. I trust the oils because of this and the miraculous results I’ve experienced with them. I DO NOT claim that these are the only pure oils on the market. I believe what I’m reading from other bloggers who stand behind oils that give them amazing results. I think that’s wonderful and I for one hope the market for pure oils will continue to grow. I’ve found that things progress much better when “we all get along”. Working together for the highest, healthiest, outcomes is always going to go a lot further than wasting time on hostilities. The oils on the market that are not pure will eventually weed themselves out among those who use EO’s because they simply do not supply the needed results. For those of you who are new at EO’s, take the time to find ones that work, because the good ones DO work wonders. I prefer to talk about amazing, positive progress in natural health care. I do no care to argue about things that have many issues that have many sides that we may have only partial information about. Natural selection will take care of most of the problems. I will not get caught up in the blogging hostilities that pit this company against that company. I want to spend my time on the positive.

    • TheReviewer

      No, they do NOT have ANY peer-reviewed, double-blind, well-designed trials. NONE. It is a marketing scam and a pyramid marketing company. That’s all it is. I would not trust their products, and most certainly no one should trust sales people – most of whom have NO medical knowledge – to tell y9ou to do so!!!

  11. Teresa

    Hi Linda. I don’t know about restoring hearing but I have been using oils with good results for tinnitus and hearing that sounds like I’m in a tunnel. It seems my right ear is trying to loose some of it’s high pitch hearing. Whenever I have this happen I use a combo of oils. Helichrysum is one of them. I rub it around the inside of my ear (never drop oils into the canal). Then I apply Frankinsence, Basil, Rosemary, and Melaleuca on the bones in front and back of the ear and down the neck where the eustachian tube is. Sometimes I’ll put a drop on a very small cotten ball and place it in my ear while I sleep. I’m using this now as preventive as my hearing has returned and the tinnitus has stopped. I only do this 2-4 times a month now. But at the first signs of anything happening in my ear I resume doing it twice a day. I’m in my fifties now so I can’t afford to take chances.

    • Teresa M

      Ringing in the ears can be from low vitamin b12. U might consider taking some to see if it helps 1000 a day is what I take and my ears don’t ring anymore.

  12. Dawn

    I have an eight year old boy who struggles with bed wetting. Do you have any recommendations and dosage information?

    • stephanie

      I know this is off topic but have you tried one of the bed wetting alarms? My son was cured of bed wetting in 3 days. It was honestly a miracle.

    • KW

      Also off topic and I use Young Living Essential Oils on myself and son daily, but I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor for this. I think you’ll be very happy you did. Good luck!

    • Jenny

      I’ve heard (haven’t tried) that rubbing 2-4 drops of cypress oil over the bladder area at bedtime helps. It’s supposed to take a few days to a couple weeks. I also read that cilantro oil rubbed on the bottom of the child’s feet will stop the bed wetting.

    • Judi Minckler

      Hi there.
      Bedwetting could be due to a number of reasons. However one, that is not commonly looked at is Breathing issues. my husband is an holistic dentist and part of treatment for early ortho is Breathing…If the child is a mouth breather often he will not be getting the right ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide causing all sorts of developmental problems..Bedwetting is helped or completely eliminated when addressed as such…. A small piece of micropore tape over the mouth at nights works wonders. Also there are mouth guard type appliances which help (you can get these from some dentists. Hope this helps Judi

    • TheReviewer

      Yes, physical examination and labs. Could be his bladder is too small – a common problem – and just hasn’t caught up with his growth yet….if that’s the case, your son’s primary care provider can make some recommendations for the mean-time. Could be bladder or other urinary track problems, could be easy to clear up.

      Behavioral talk therapy with child specialist might be useful if all physiological issues ruled out.

      Aromatherapy is not recognized as a treatment for bed wetting. It is not a therapy for most things – although the placebo effect is 35%, as it is with every other “remedy” and med on the market.

  13. John Joseph

    For those coming to this blog from the UK (we seem to be a bit behind in the information stakes in the UK. most sites i come across are US based, and so places of purchase and some terminology is non applicable for us), a good ethical and organic place to buy your oils is from G Baldwins (based in London). they don’t have as big a range in oils as you might want or find elsewhere, but after reading reviews and doing some research on other oil providing companies (and it is a minefield: hard to be assured of the authenticity) they came out best for me.

    • Suzy

      John, I’m in Europe also and I use Mother Nature’s Goodies (UK based) with good results and they have in-depth information about each of their oils on their site. Though I’m not very experienced, I did do the test mentioned above and all was well.

  14. I think everyone should check out NYROrganic because it truly is the MOST ethical company I have discovered. It has had a thriving store in covenant gardens in the UK for over 30 years. They own their own farms and distilleries. It is a family owned and operated company with all organic herbs and plants. The prices are the most reasonable I have seen for it’s quality. They brought it to the US 3 years ago as a direct sales company and because of the European standards vs the US standards or lack there of I have 110% trust in the products. I am not here to argue but just a suggestion to check it out.

  15. Abbie

    Hi there! I love your blog! I’m trying to find some information about using essential oils in homemade remineralizing toothpaste. My two year old uses this toothpaste and I’ve been adding the OraWellness Brushing Blend (a mix of several EOs in a base of sweet almond oil) to it. I was interested in also adding orange oil for flavor so I tried googling its safety for children. There’s so much conflicting advice about ingesting EOs and he does swallow the toothpaste almost every time. :/ Thoughts

  16. Gwen

    Has anyone ever bought oils from Edens Garden?
    Just wondering if anyone knows anything regarding Edens Gardens oils.
    I’ve been researching many different suppliers and noticed the price difference as well.
    Please share as I’m new to eo.

    • Annete

      I have purchased from Edens Garden a number of times. I really enjoy your products. Before making a decision, I sent a number of inquiries to them about their oils. They are very good a sending back information to help you make your decision. From everything I have learned: They are 100% pure. They have cut out the middle man so they can lower the price and they have quick service. I have purchased the same thing from a couple different places and find I like the Edens Garden best. (I can afford these, not some of the other brands, too) I personally haven’t found any discrepancies.

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  18. Jessica

    Thank you for all the info. I’m new to the EO world and I’ve bought some from Piping Rock recently and I’m wondering if you’ve heard of this company and if you know of the quality? I’ve tried finding reviews and info but can’t quite find it. I’m hoping I haven’t wasted a bunch of money. :/ You’re input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Cathy

      I buy from PipingRock also! 100% satisfied. I use sweet almond oil or coconut oil for carriers. I love a few drops cinnamon leaf oil in the SAO, sprayed on my skin and massaged in.

      It’s a wonderful life!

    • Sara

      I, too, bought my EOs from piping rock and have had no issues (I have extremely sensitive skin due to being a natural red head). I have not had any reactions and am 100% satisfied with the quality of these oils (I do plan on doing the “test” above). But I was unable to justify paying 100′s of dollars on the “essential” EOs and got them all for about $40 from piping rock. I also use coconut oil for a carrier and recommend EVERYONE to do the same! Coconut oil is “miracle oil” in my book!!

  19. Courtney

    I know nothing about using EOs so I am trying to do some research. I live in Missouri and there is a company here called Jordan Essentials all of their products are all natural. They recently came out with an essential oil line. My friend is a consultant for them and I am considering but some. Although I trust her, I don’t know what information the she has been told to say without really knowing what the quality is of their EO is (if that makes sense lol)If anyone know anything about their EOs please let me know :)

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  21. Karyn

    For an EO to be considered pure according to FDA standards they only require that the product contain 10% pure EO. The rest can then contain EVOO or any other pure carrier oil….Thus they can make a legal claim that their product in indeed 100% pure therapeutic grade EO… something to think about!

  22. gary

    A friend of ours recently became associated with doTerra and invited my wife and I to a “party” where doTerra sales reps talked about the benefits of EO’s and offered to sell various package deals or individual bottles of doTerra EO’s. They talked about the independent testing that doTerra has done by outside labs that they call CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). I came home and have been researching doTerra and Young Living on the internet (and believe me, I am skeptical of what I read on the internet), but I am very skeptical when companies make unsubstantiated claims about their products. I read doTerra’s testing protocol, but they say nothing about using an independent laboratory to perform the tests. Apparently there are no industry standards that apply to EO. doTerra is a MLM (multilevel marketing) company, kind of what I think of as a pyramid scheme, so their products are more expensive because there are many “middle men”. I don’t have a dog in the fight, other than my dollars, so I have spent several hours trying to educated myself about equally good products for less money. I settled on a company called Organic Infusions, and ordered a few of their oils, and when they arrive, I will compare with our friend’s doTerra oils and see if we can tell any difference. As for Young Living, Gary Young seems to be of very questionable character when you read about various schemes and scams he has allegedly been involved in. You can read about him for yourself by googling Gary Young quackery. I am not recommending the company that I ordered from, as I have not tried their products yet. There is a lot of information out there, Let the buyer beware!

    • snoopy

      In response to Gary’s comment after trying YL and doTerra, have you tried Organic Infusions yet? If so, how does it compare quality wise? price? I would like to hear if you could see a difference before I order. Thanks!

  23. Jessica

    I would like to start using EO in my home now that I am a mom and have become a lot more aware of the harsh chemicals in all of my cleaning supplies, beauty products and air fresheners. I am currently EBF and know that there are certain EO that I should avoid. Does this mean I shouldn’t be exposed to them at all or that I should not use them topically?

    Also, at what age is it ok to start using EO (diluted in a carrier oil) on a baby? My daughter is 4 months old and I would like to start using some EO in some homemade lotion/body wash for her. What is a good concentration amount for the use of EO on a child?


  24. This was such a great education for me, honestly I didn’t know a thing about essential oils, and I am such an avid gardener!! I will look at all my plants differently from now on. I love it that the oils are their essence and life blood. I was looking for something to drop into my drinks while in Peru for 2 months so I don’t get traveler’s tummy or heaven forbid, on-going diarrhea. Would you recommend Grape Seed Oil Extract as being the most reliable or the Thieve’s Oil that I read about on-line. Or generally speaking they are not for internal use which it seems you are saying. Thanks so much.

  25. I really enjoyed your article. I’m a complete newbie when it comes to essential oils; although I discovered natural remedies some 10 odd years ago during a middle of the night panicked internet search to help my then infant.
    I’ve been scouring sites looking for an article just like this…so thank you for putting it out there…exactly what I needed. Concise do’s and don’ts with links to more information.

  26. Sharon

    I really like Young Living Oils. They are high quality and pure. I saw mention of doTerra. The person that started this company once worked for YL and has tried to emulate YL. I have some of their oils also, but I do not like them as well.
    Thanks for your blog. It concise and gives the info I was looking for, esp, how long the oils typically last.

  27. Andrea

    Hello! I enjoyed your post and it was very informative. I tried the construction paper test with my Mountain Rose Herbs oils and there was a residue! Tried with peppermint and with fennel. Sigh. I have ordered my oils from this company for years. Any thoughts? I feel like they are a legit company, no multi-level marketing schemes going on, no president with a shady psychotic past. What to do, what to do???

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  29. Cathy

    I love this site!

  30. Miss B

    Crunchy Betty, I have a question. I am new and learning about using essential oils and loving it, but having a problem with the scents not lasting as a perfume on my body. I mean not lasting even an hour. I am using essential oils purchased at one of the reputable companies that you recommend above. I am using a base of Jojoba and then blending other essential oils to make a scent. What am I doing wrong?

  31. Sarah

    Great article! Has anyone used Aura Cacia Essential Oils? Thinking I’m deciding between those and Young Living…Young Living is far more expensive, but not sure if that’s because it’s a larger more popular company? Thanks!

    • Sarah

      Also, Mountain Rose Herbs? I’ve heard good things there too and they are closer pricing to Aura Cacia…not as expensive as Young Living. Too many options! :)

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  33. Miranda

    Hi, I am new to EO’s. I always thought they were just for making your house smell good or aroma therapy. Where is a good place for a newbie like me to learn about EO’s and do research on a good company to buy from? Also I heard using Emu oil as a carrier and adding rosemary & lavender is good for thinning hair?

  34. Heather

    I researched EO’s a Few years ago but wound up not getting into it. I’m back. I love to research and learn. I loved this article. But, I also learned that I would never buy from Young Living or DeTerra…… Pure to me means mind, body and soul.. The whole debate is a cacophony….. Anyway, thank you for ALL the info, good and bad = balanced…… PS I’m probably going to start with the NOW oils and/or check put While Foods mainly bc I’m in the dabbling stage

  35. Carol

    This is a great article! Thank you for posting. Quick question….I am trying to click on the link that refers to the aromatherapy reference chart but the link is not working. Could you provide it again? Thank you!

  36. Deborah Nancy

    How are you? I want to place an international order from your company to our store in Switzerland.I want to know if you can ship internationally and accept credit card as a form of payment? I’d love you to reply me back and we can proceed further.
    Eagerly await to read back from you and we can proceed
    Thank you and God bless you
    Deborah Nancy

  37. Glenda Salser

    The Information packed aromatherapy reference chart link is broken, or not working. please fix it so we can reference it. Thanks!!

  38. Glenda Salser

    The link to the reference chart is broken, please fix it so we can reference it. Thanks.

    The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is a great book! It’s very helpful and full of lots of wonderful information.

    Thanks for your blogs and helpful info too!

  39. Hi, Is it safe to use these oils internally by mouth ?

  40. Esther

    Sorry, *check out, not can.

  41. This is a great explanation about essential oils. I agree that most EOs cannot be used neat or undiluted – other than therapeutic essential oils such as Young Living. Even with YL, not all can be ingested or used on children so take note.

  42. John

    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.

  43. John


    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, even “therapeutic essential oils from Young Living” as you referenced in your post, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.


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