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  1. alissa

    Many of the recipes in your food on your face book call for lavender. what would be a good substitute if one is allergic to lavender? thank you!

  2. dennis b newell

    We got rid of a bad bedbug infestation in the house with, well it was either Tea Tree oil or Lavender oil, mixed into spray bottles with 91% alcohol. We weren’t shy about it either, our 1st experience with EOs. We burned through 2oz bottles of each and the bugs vaporized and were gone in two days! They really don’t much like the air that clean and fresh.

  3. so glad you mentioned that EOs are NOT to be taken internally. You provided a great description and lots of wonderful information. Thanks.
    With all the hype from YL and DoTerra people tend to have become experts due to the MLM practices of these two companies. The FDA has filed against both of these corporations for basically practicing medicine without a license.
    I have grown and used herbs for several decades and regardless of what they say I would never take these internally or put them on my skin neat ( other than possibly Peppermint and Lavender)

    • Sally Gibson

      Hello Ellen,I just started using YL and I started puttimg straight frankencense on a skin cancer that was needing cut out.Ive allready had one taken out the size of my thumbnail.The new spot is now gone but im still putting oil on til i feels safe.My freinds totally acned out face is now totally clear.Yes its costly,but you have the alternative to be a salesman(like marykay etc).+ work from home.As far as their license?have no clue though I dont see how a 9 country operation could be so careless .I love love their products,but i still find great natural products at cheaper cost.All i know is I found something that really works and still cheaper than a doctor for now.

      • victoria

        What does the YL stand for? For a recent cat bite to my hand:
        I used grated carrots covered with Saran wrap for 24 hours followed by grated garlic covered with a large bandaids.( both as poltice) I used the garlic for 48 hours. After that I just applied bandaids as there was a large hole in my hand. Within a week the area that had been covered with carrot/garlic turned black. I lifted the corner and the whole piece came off. Beautiful pink skin was there! The carrots took the pain away instantly and the garlic kept any infection at bay.
        This was my own cat who turned her head quickly while I was brushing her, the “snaggle tooth” caught my hand and pierced a large hole.
        I work for an MD and upon seeing it he’s taking out his Rx pad. I told him I wanted to try this first and if I had trouble I would call. The hand was all swollen when he saw it in the AM, but by that evening when he came back the swelling had gone down. Because he believes in toxic drugs, he wouldn’t say anything the remarkable response I was getting.
        I know this does not pertain to essential oils, but it may be helpful for a home remedy.
        Thank you, Victoria

        • Priscilla:

          Lavender EO would be the best, but peppermint or frankincense is also very good substitute for calming. Also, because ADD and ADHD coincide with mineral deficiencies of magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals, it would be good to research those.

          I love EO’s and I will be sharing about them on my blog

          • Sorry, Priscilla, wrong post!

            Anyway, YL stands for Young Living, a very reputable essential oil manufacturer started by Gary Young, very pure EO’s.

            Your alternative care is great!

      • Jena

        Hi Sally,

        EO’s are very potent, and because of that can cause rather intensely painful skin irritations putting them directly on the skin (NEAT) without diluting them first in a carrier oil such as Olive Oil, FCO, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil etc. The EO’s last longer on your skin as well by diluting them, they don’t dissipate as quickly.
        EO’s also can have pharmaceutical drug interactions, such as essential oils which are high in eugenol or methyl salicylate should not be used by persons on anticoagulant drugs. Methyl salicylate can also cause problems for asthmatics or those with aspirin allergies. Another for instance, inhalation of EO’s high in menthol, such as peppermint, will cause increased lung permeability of nicotine. Menthol also slows the ability to clear nicotine from the body. If you are a smoker, allow several hours to elapse between cigarette use and inhalation of high menthol EO’s. Those with renal or liver disease, compromised immune systems, or those taking multiple medications should consult with a qualified professional aromatherapist before attempting to self-medicate with essential oils. I also know Blue Tansy and Grapefruit have pharmaceutical drug interactions as well, I just can’t remember exactly off the top of my head. I am sure there are others, but these are more common EO interactions and can be serious. Your example of selling Mary Kay really is like comparing Apples to Oranges given Cosmetics are having to follow FDA restrictions and guidelines. There is not a governmental agency that oversees the safety of Essential Oils. Essential Oils if not used properly and safely can poison you, CAN kill you. Sally, it frightens me you feel just because YL or doTerra (their largest competitor) operate in 9 countries, they are a “good and / or safe” company. Yes, in September 2014 the FDA cited YL & doTerra & Natural Solutions for advertising EO’s as being “the cure-all” for certain illnesses? If you do your due diligence, you’ll see why YL is NOT acting in a safe manner. Another example I can give you, putting EO’s in your water to drink, such as Lemon EO. Firstly, Oil and Water do not mix, secondly ingesting Lemon EO can burn your digestive tract horribly. Have you seen what Lemon EO can do to plastic? If not, I suggest again you do your due diligence and see what it does, I wouldn’t want that going down my throat, in anyway. Also Sally, I hope you don’t have any Cats in your home. Did you know EO’s can significantly cause serious health risks not limited to death in felines? Dogs you ask? Yes, they are not exempt, not as severe as cats but can harm them as well. Again Sally, due diligence is why Ellen was suggesting their practice is about the mighty dollar, not people and their health and sharing what the beauty of EO’s can truly be, IF USED SAFELY AND PROPERLY.

  4. jen

    Hi. I have heard that you should store essential oils in a refrigerator and that you must be able to check on the company’s website for the chemical tests by lot number or you can’t be sure of the potency/expiration date. It makes sense to me and seems important given they are used medicinally plus are so expensive. Do you have any thoughts?

  5. Myra

    Hi there

    I love using Argan Oil on my hair – its great for taming frizz out and serves as a good heat defence when straightening or blow drying.

    However I was wondering whether you could recommend an essential oil that I could use with it for heat defence purposes too… I hate the smell of argan oil and was wondering if I mix essential oils in it could they damage my hair under a hair dryer?

    Appreciate your response!


  6. Jessica P

    How would I dilute vitamin E oil?

    • Alison N

      Jessica, not sure if you’ll be notified of a reply, but you don’t have to dilute vitamin E oil at all. It’s not an essential oil.

  7. Faith Britton

    Hi CB, I’ve tried almost every pure essential oil made and simply love NOW Essential Oils. I use it homemade cleaning products/vapor ointment, when showering, or bathing. For it’s simply the best. I’m happy you’re helping others to realize essential oils usage.

    • Angela

      Hi. Faith. Thanks for sharing about NOW essential oils. In the last two months, I have been learning about EOs and bought several NOW oils at GNC, with the initial intent of using them in more natural cleaning products, getting away from many that are chemical-based and hard to breathe when using. I cannot say that they have had any health benefits for me yet, as I am fortunate to not be prone to a lot of illness, but I have bought NOW grapeseed oil and have used lavender in it on my skin, and have used peppermint for headaches, but I am still learning. I did, however, just purchase the NOW diffuser, two actually, which just arrived this past Saturday afternoon, and I have been enjoying blending oils for scent.
      Any additional insight you can provide would be welcome. I have about 10 different bottles now and am ready to learn.

  8. susan schmidt

    thank you for the great info. i have been buying oils from ananda apothecary and rocky mountain oils. they have great products and reasonably prices unlike young living and doterra

  9. I am just getting my site up and running.

  10. Manuela Augustine

    I am trying to make up my own mixture of Deep Blue for my cousin who is 70 years old, and who is not on any type of medication as well as for a lady who is 80 after they suffered from a nasty bout of a virus from a mosquito in the caribbean which cause inflammation and joint pains – I have bought all the ingredients, including wintergreen, which you said is poisonous – could you tell me the dosage of the different oils being used namely wintergreen, camphor; peppermint; blue tansy; german chamomile; helichrysum and osmanthus – in the synergistic mix – how many drops of all these oils to make up the mix? I will make up the mix and the post it in a 10 ml bottle to my cousin with specific instructions. I should appreciate your advise.

  11. Adrienne

    I noticed you highly recommend MRH. That is awesome considering I just bought a ton of their oils! I am new to all this and I have a number of questions that I can’t seem to find on their site.

    #1 – are they therapeutic grade?
    #2 – what number of distillation do they use? I think I read somewhere that they use the first but haven’t been able to verify that.
    #3 – it says on their site not safe to be used on children. I assume that is using the oil “neat” and not diluted with a carrier oil. one of the reasons I am getting into oils is to have a natural alternative for my children.

    Any answers you are able to provide would be awesome!

    Thanks so much!


    • Jena


      You asked a few questions so I will do my best in answering them, however, I am not an aromatherapist but the information I have was given to me by one.
      #1- Therapeutic Grade is just a selling gimmick. If EO’s are pure, they are equal to any other. There are only a few distillery’s so many of the EO’s come from the same distillery then sold under several names. You should always buy from a company that is willing to give you the GC/MS reports regarding the Lot your EO bottle is from. That tells the constituents of the EO and would indicate if adulterated in any way.
      #2. I am not sure on this one. It was my understanding being distilled you only get so much from each time. I am not aware the distilleries can repeat the process with any success but again this is why the GC/MS report would be so important. It would indicate the strength of the constituents in turn telling if adulterated or not.
      #3. EO’s if diluted properly (not neat) and ONLY certain EO’s are safe for children. Peppermint is not safe until at least 6 years of age, some say older, as it can be a mucous membrane irritant. Eucalyptus has a 1,8-cineole content, its not recommended for children until the age of 10. Very important for childrens safety to do due diligence…these are just a few that come to my mind right of way and why they aren’t safe for children. I know there is plenty of other oils that are safe for children diffused. Once older, then ok for application, diluted in carrier oil. I was told 2-10 years old is when you can start adding more EO’s to your child(ren) library, as they age, you can add more. Of course I know this is hugely a hot topic. It depends on who you ask when you can introduce EO’s to babies and children. I know the MLM say put them neat on babies feet. No ones feet (bottom) will absorb EO’s as we have glands on the bottom of our feet, not pores to absorb the EO’s.

  12. R D

    What kind of oils can you put in olive oil avocado oil or coconut oils to bring about a romantic feel that’s safe tobe ingested and safe for a man and womans private areas of the body, more specifically inside a woman that wont cause irritation

  13. I go to see everyday a few websites and information sites to read articles or reviews, but this web site offers quality based content.


    I love all the products.


    100% Pure

  16. Priscilla Prather

    Hi! I’m an EO newby. I teach and would love to know what could put in a diffuser in my middle school classroom. BUT, my biggest question is in regards to my daughter who is ADHD has anxiety and is a freshman in college. I want to introduce her to EO for all of this. I’ve heard of YL oils but would like some direction in this area.

    Thank you for all the info above. It’s a fabulous starting place!

    • Priscilla:

      Lavender EO would be the best, but peppermint or frankincense is also very good substitute for calming. Also, because ADD and ADHD coincide with mineral deficiencies of magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals, it would be good to research those.

      I love EO’s and I will be sharing about them on my blog

      • Cheri

        I’m not sure using EO’s in a classroom would be a good idea. I have a friend with an awful lavender allergy. In this day and age, you never know how people will react. Everyone seems to be allergic to something.

    • Jena


      Diffusing any EO would not be safe for the children or adult coming into your classroom as there are tons of allergies and Pharmaceutical Drug interactions you would not be aware of which could potentially be very dangerous. I would definitely do more research before investing in EO’s, especially with YL or any MLM indicating they can cure illnesses. YL, doTerra and Natural Solutions were cited by the FDA in September 2014 for doing just that. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great company, Plant Therapy offers even Children Safe single Oils and Synergy Blends.

  17. Very informative blog. Thank you for sharing.
    I have a question about cooking/backing with essential oils.
    Recently I came upon a Young Living consultant who was sharing information at the library.
    She uses oils to cook and bake with.

    Was wondering if you knew if applying heat to them would decrease their benefits?

    • Yes, applying heat will decrease their benefits, just like vegetables lose some of the health benefits. They can provide amazing flavor, though, most of the time I just need one drop. If you add them in at the end of the cooking, when the temp is lower, you can still maintain some of the integrity of the chemical constituents. Hope that helps!

  18. Barbara grace

    This may be an unusual question, due to a brain injury, I have almost no sense of sense. Will essential oils be effective for me.

    • Loss of smell could be helped by inhaling 3-5 times daily Peppermint, Thyme or Myrtle.

      So, even though you have lost your sense of smell, it isn’t the smell that helps your body, it’s the constituents in the oils that enter your body either through inhaling or applying to the body.

      Olfactory loss, no matter the cause, would not be hindered by the use of EO’s.


  19. Barbara grace

    I have little to no sense of smell, can essential oils still work for me?

  20. i am now taking neurotin for nerve pain and restless leg. is there a eo that will help with those issues so i can stop taking the medication. also am taking blood pressure and diabetis medication. would like to stop taking all meds. any suggestions?

    • Helen, I have a friend who suffered from RL , she used a blend from Young Living carried called Valor that helped her tremendously.

    • Autumn

      I have heard great things about Magnesium Oil for restless leg syndrome and other aches, pains in your body. It is not an essential oil but you can read many reviews about it on and see if it is something you might use. I am planning to buy some for myself for my legs and the pain I have in them each night. Good luck!!

  21. Tina

    I have bad acne scars, would like to try essential oils to help smooth out the scarring and make it less noticeable, what would you recommend?

    • Actually, you would benefit from exfoliating your skin twice daily and using a little Argan oil (size of nickel) with about 3-5 drops of Lavender EO after each exfoliation. It will take some time. Exfoliating, don’t scrub hard, gentle circular motions.


    • Crystal

      I would also recommend frankincense essential oil either neat or diluted 1:1 with a carrier oil of choice as it increases cell turnover, and helps with scarring. It can be used in conjunction with lavender regimen Tammy suggested:)

  22. OKy

    I make perfume home . but the problem is the perfume that does not last long . I was advised to use ” patchouli oil ” as a fixative . but what happened was that the smell of patchouli oil is very dominating . So how do we cultivate the patchouli oil that is odorless and still function as a fixative to enhance

  23. Karen

    Hi… I am wondering if I can just add drops of Rosemary essential oil to an unscented body lotion from the store? My Mom has Dementia, and I’d like to try this for her.??? IF so… HOW MANY drops would I use? — I saw the diffusers in the store also – that you plug in, and put drops on a pad… I thought lotion would be nice! Thoughts?? Thank you!

    • Depending on ingredients in lotion, you may be able to add Rosemary EO. To try, put small amount of lotion (like enough for 3 uses) in container and add 1 drop Rosemary, mix and try.



  24. Michelle

    The information packed aromatherapy reference chart link is broken :-( in this section of the article:

    USE ESSENTIAL OILS TO HELP YOUR MOOD. Lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, chamomile, lemon, ylang-ylang all help produce happy, joyous moods. Clary sage helps with PMS (although there have been reports that overuse of clary sage can lead to intoxication). Rosemary increases focus and concentration. Don’t forget the mood benefits of essential oils. Here’s an information packed aromatherapy reference chart to refer to.

  25. Pam Winton

    I’m a newbie to essential oils. My daughter-in-law became a consultant for YL oils in the fall. I’m just now researching essential oils and noticed a huge difference in YL oils and others I’ve found online. My question is how do I know when cheaper is just as good, cheaper is the same quality or you get what you pay for, cheap equals cheap quality. Also what is a good carrier for rubbing oils? Thank you for your help.

  26. Ashley

    I have a question about allergies. I am not actually allergic to any food but I have oral allergy syndrome from having hay fever. Certain fresh veggies and fruits cause burning and itching in my mouth and sometimes other worse symptoms. I can’t eat avocados. Generally when these foods are slightly cooked or overly ripe I can have them. I’ve been wondering about using essential oils with avocado oil. I’ve had weird reactions with raw almonds but not roasted. It’s so weird! I’m weary of using almond or avocado carrier oils but I like the skin benifits

  27. Ashley

    I have a question about allergies. I am not actually allergic to any food but I have oral allergy syndrome from having hay fever. Certain fresh veggies and fruits cause burning and itching in my mouth and sometimes other worse symptoms. I can’t eat avocados. Generally when these foods are slightly cooked or overly ripe I can have them. I’ve been wondering about using essential oils with avocado oil. I’ve had weird reactions with raw almonds but not roasted. It’s so weird! I’m weary of using almond or avocado carrier oils but I like the skin benefits of them. Any advice?

  28. Cecilia

    Is lavender good for whiting teeth??

  29. Margaret Bozeman

    I have been told that essentials oils can help someone with bad nasal allergies they said you take one drop of oil in a cup of water every morning and night but they did not say what kind do you know anything about this . They said they do this and dont have to take allergies med`s any more

    • Gina

      Don’t do this. Essential oils can be harmful to your digestive system. Remember that oil and water don’t mix so the essential oil dropped in water is useless. It will not blend and it will be introduced to your system in its purest form. This is dangerous! Do your own research from sources that are not selling essential oils!

  30. Abbie

    My feet swelled and turned red after I applied Valor essential oil to the bottoms of my feet. Should I be alarmed?

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  32. Leia

    do you know anything about Piper Rock essential oils? found them to be more affordable but haven’t tried them yet…

  33. can be applied directly to the skin?

  34. Loved this article so true on so many counts. Use Young Living they are great!

  35. Sarah

    What about piping rock EO?

  36. I didn’t know a lot of these things about essential oils. I think it is interesting that you are not supposed to use essential oils on the skin undiluted. I always assumed that you were only supposed to use them undiluted.

  37. Priscila

    Hi! Thanks for the wonderful read. Is it safe to rub pure rosemary oil on my hands to get a room smelling, and for my yoga students to breath in during savasana?

  38. Angela

    Hi! I’m curious why you said to stay away from Lemon of all the oils when nursing? I’m nursing right now and would love to know as it is one of my favorites. I’m wanting to use my oils more now that I’m not pregnant, but nervous since I’m nursing. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. TIA!

  39. i think you really need to research Young Living essential oils. I take many of them internally and can put almost any of them on my skin, some with a carrier oil (V-6), and some neat. This company is the ONLY company that has a Seed to Seal process for each and every oil. No other oil company in the WORLD can say that!

    I have been using, ingesting and inhaling these oils for 10 years, and have had arthritis pain minimized, cholesterol levels lowered, my husband’s BP lowered in 20 minutes, been able to sleep without taking a drug, had excruciating reflux diminished and often eliminated in minutes. I don’t know what they can do for you…each person is different, you have to “play” with them until you find what works for your body chemistry. God created the plants for healing, not pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes there may be a need for a pharmaceutical for a limited time, but mostly…I’LL STICK WITH MY OILS and herbs thank you!

  40. Thanks for the great info. i have been buying oils from ananda apothecary and rocky mountain oils. they have great products and reasonably prices unlike young living and doterra

  41. So interesting information about the essential oils! Thanks a lot for sharing all of this useful and helpful information here! Regards! Cudham Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  42. Vicki

    I have purchased the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) from Water Liberty. I do miss the fragrance in the use of the typical laundry detergents, so they suggested putting essential oils in with the laundry.

    What type of essential oil can I use for this purpose and how much of it?


  43. Danielle

    Thank you for the information you shared, it is great. Although, I am wondering why the company I am going through says you can consume their oils internally, and use it on your body as it is. Furthermore, I am informed that this company sells the purest form of oil out there. I found oils on Puritan’s Pride, and they say the oils there are 100 per cent pure. I certainly love their prices. I will be checking out the list you have above. I am new to this, so I need as much information as possible, and if you can help me with the above concerns, I will be so grateful. Thank you in advance.

  44. Liv

    so i wanted to use some of these in homemade bath bombs, but like the article says they need to be diluted, so do i need to add a little water when using the oil or will the fact that its in the bath bomb mean its diluted? (i hope this makes sense)

  45. Elise

    Hi, I’ve been looking into making my own homemade toothpaste and it calls for peppermint EO and I was wondering if I would have to dilute it before I use it in the paste. Thanks for any advice!

  46. I am adding cinnamon leaf and clover EOs to my mouthwash with peppermint and tea tree EOs. Before I felt safe using the undiluted EOs but with these new additions I feel like I need carrier. The other ingredients are water, aloe water, baking soda, xylitol and witch hazel. Should I add a carrier oil and which one do you recommend? I was thinking avocado, sesame, grapeseed or olive oil. If the witch hazel has alcohol could this act as a carrier? How much alcohol per how many drops? I’ve heard its about 3-5 drops per teaspoon carrier oil (3-5%). Great post!

  47. Esther

    Sorry, *check out, not can.

  48. This is a great explanation about essential oils. I agree that most EOs cannot be used neat or undiluted – other than therapeutic essential oils such as Young Living. Even with YL, not all can be ingested or used on children so take note.

  49. John

    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.

  50. John


    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, even “therapeutic essential oils from Young Living” as you referenced in your post, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.


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