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  1. Angel Guevara

    Hi. I have a question. I have always read that in order to make essential oil you need tons of a plant to get a little bit of the the oil itself, like you mentioned in the article. So it seems like something that can only be made industrially. But I also see recipes for homemade essential oils. So, my question is: Are these homemade oils real essential oils? Or is there another name for those ones? Are they as good in terms of benefits for the skin and its scents properties?
    Thanks so much for your time

  2. Erin

    Do evaporated essential oils leave a sticky residue on your walls after diffusing them?

  3. judy

    OK I’m new to essential oils and I don’t know what some of the abbreviations mean. Can someone help me out. MLM and PEO are some of the first ones I came across in the comments. I may have more as I read further :) thanks

  4. Leah

    I would love to know more about essential oils to avoid concerning environmental impact. Because it takes so much plant material to create a small amount of extract, it would be handy to have a list of oils that come from plants that are endangered or being irresponsibly harvested. I’m having trouble finding a comprehensive list online. Any suggestions?

    • Ron

      Good question. I wonder what the moisture content of the estimated weights are (HUGE difference as water makes up the majority of a plants’ weight). Nevertheless, I would guess that the environmental impact is minimal to none as most of these plants are numerous compared to harvesting other plants such as hardwoods, rain forest plants, and even corn. Take lavender for example, if it takes 100 lbs to extract 1 lb, that is barely nothing when you consider that lavender grows wild and is abundant. One acre of lavender would probably produce over a ton of plant parts in one mowing for oil extraction (I am guessing based on my experience with a variety of different plant “harvesting”). And it grows fast. To compare weight, imagine mowing a one acre field of mixed weeds 3 ft tall down to 6 inches, you would have a few thousand pounds of plants that would quickly and naturally grow back in a couple weeks. The rose petals are at the extreme ratio but are expensive and used far less than the common oils.
      When you compare the environmental impact of growing feed corn, thousands of TONs are grown by a single farm just to feed a few cows. Estimates of what we grow so we can eat beef or drink milk are as follows: 2800 lbs of corn to get a single cow to slaughter weight of approx 12-1300 lbs. Or, in the case of hay being fed to milkers, it takes 28 lbs of 88% dry matter to feed one 1200 lb lactating cow a day or 3.2 tons for one herd of 200 cows a day! And most feed corn is grown using pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer along with regular watering during periods of low precipitation. I’m no expert but my guess is that as long as essential oils do not become a “priority” industry with outrageous claims, we are only enjoying what the planet has to offer in a sustainable level. Buy more local vegetables/fruits, eat organic, and consume less meat and you will be helping the environment much more that the average US citizen does. ;-)

  5. K

    Many EO users don’t know this because Ameo has only been around for a little over a year, but clinical-grade is the highest EO grade available in the U.S. They are extensively tested to make sure the quality is as high as those oils used in clinical testing or even higher potency. I’ve used most other brands, and know what I know now I would absolutely never use another brand internally unless they were certified organic because of the risk of getting synthetic ingredients and toxins. However, using just ‘organic’ oils does NOT ensure that you have the highest potency/efficacy which you can be sure of when you use Ameo. If you watch the videos on the website you’ll understand more about it. There are videos of the oils penetrating human cells posted for every single batch of oils from Ameo.

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  7. Alicia

    FYI: Trader Joe’s only sells tea tree oil.

  8. Tiffany


    I’m newbie to EO. I’ve purchased Peppermint, Wild Orange, Lavender, Clove from Doterra to start with (quite pricey) and then I discovered a nice selection of EO in Marshalls (!). There i purchased Pine, Lemon and Eucalyptus from Plantlife ‘100 % pure aromatherapy grade’ at a fraction of the cost. Firstly, can you please explain the difference of quality with Doterra and Plantlife? And secondly, you say when rubbed onto the skin, the oils need to be diluted – but with what? And where do I find this? (Trader Joe’s perhaps?) What is the safest ‘dilution’ for someone in the journey of starting of a family? My acupuncturist made up a Doterra rollerball ‘Fertility blend’ with Cary Sage. Thanking you kindly.

    • Kristen

      The oils from Marshalls you mentioned stated they are for aromatherapy. These are fragrance oils and probably NO T pure. That’s why they are so much cheaper :) and they are just for enjoying the scent vs. therapeutic benefits. I would not recommend applying them to your skin in any way but the DoTerra oils you bought can be applied once mixed with coconut oil (fractionated will not harden in cool temps), sweet almond oil, argan oil or even olive oil. Any oil you choose should be labeled organic of course

  9. Really great list. I can tell this took great time and effort to put together. Due to my own sever health sensitivities I was compelled to use Essential Oils to help with my systems. I use certified organic knowing that they are certified pure. Just be selective with which brand and use as directed. Good luck to all in your health journey!

  10. Lauren

    I just want to suggest an edit to the “where you can buy essential oils” section, Trader Joe’s sells no essential oils. I work for the company and we get people in all the time asking for things they read about on the internet that we don’t carry and it leads to frustration for the customer and the employee

  11. Thank you so much for putting this information together. I really like this site. I am excited to follow it and learn more. I am in a company that does adaptogens and recently started seeing and learning that some of the EO’s are also adaptogens. I started using some and got some terrific results. Lots of stress that has been relieved. Then I had started to lose weight and after about 46 lbs found I could use grapefruit and frankincense and it was helping with taking away the wrinkles a saggy parts. Maybe you could cover this in some of your articles..
    Thank you again for such great articles and look forward to reading more..

  12. Monsour

    I’m using Peppermint essential oil as a car air freshener in my tinted car. I just put 7 drops on a hanging card/paper cut-out. The scent is usually gone in 3-4 days. How do I make the scent last longer? Any oil/thing I could add that could extend the life of the scent? Thank you very much in advance.


  13. Re: To test your essential oil to see how “pure” it is, put a single drop of it on a …etc

    Will this test work on testing pure bergamot oil?


  14. marilyn


    Could you recommend EO book for beginners that would also include EO recommendations for small children as well as adults. I am not really interested in cleaning products but for help with health, mood, immune, etc. issues.

    You help is sincerely appreciated.

    Marilyn Leisz

  15. Hi I was buying their oils and then I “heard” that he .. is a mormon and that he uses the oils to further the mormon cause … am I way miss informed ??

  16. Amber

    I was wondering about price variants. I’m extremely new to EOs, and while I understand the diluted to pure reasoning, how will I know that I’m not being severely ripped off for what I am buying? This might be a stupid question, but is there any type of EO “market value list” anywhere? Thanks and I really enjoyed reading this article.

  17. Erin

    The statement re: allergies is incorrect. You cannot be allergic to therapeutic-grade EO’s as they contain NO proteans.
    (Yes, with an “a”)
    Young Living and DoTerra are the only companies who have conducted the proper research to offer ingestible oils. Please, do not ingest other brands and do not expect results from other brands without seeing PEER-reviewed CLINICAL research!

  18. Shannon

    I would love to try oils but I am so confused about which one is best and most economical for what you get and how it works. DoTerra? Young Living? another… Which one?

  19. I’m still trying to find out if my cat’s can get sick and die because I’m using eos,on myself, and there always around me.I also difuse, can breathing in the eos make my cat’s sick???? Thank you for all of your information.

  20. debra

    Oh my goodness!!!! thank you for finally telling me the facts on oils. i have been trying to figure this out. I am a fan!!

  21. Kathy N

    I am new to Essential Oils. I hear people say to dilute the oil with a carrier oil. I understand what is but no body tells you how much to mix with the oil. Is there a basic formula? Also, I heard using oregano with a carrier oil was good for a staff infection. Does anyone have any info on this?

    • Clarissa

      They say to use a 1-2% dilution. So say you’re whipping up a concoction into a 1oz bottle (which would equate to 600 drops), you should use 6-12 drops of EO.

      I’m not sure about oregano & staph.

  22. June

    I am new to essential oils. I just purchased a diffuser and Callily essential oils sampler pak. I’m following all directions for the diffuser, and adding 3–5 drops of oil, but I really cannot even smell them! I was hoping to use the eucalyptus for my sinuses at night, but sadly I’m getting no benefits or noticing anything healing. Any advice from anyone? It says do not overuse oils in diffuser, but I feel like I need to add more to actually smell them in the air! Thanks for any advice!

  23. Julie

    I just started working with doTERRA EOs….Last night I tried a glass of water with one drop of lemon and one of lime to curb a sweet craving. I woke up with terrible heart burn and it’s been bad all day. I’ve never had stomach acid shooting up into my esophagus before. It’s very painful. I’m burping and getting loads or burning… Is there anything i can do? I thought they were safe to ingest…

    I’m embarrassed…

    Eating almonds and breads and ginger to try and calm this down…

  24. Hi, Is it safe to use these oils internally by mouth ?

  25. Lee

    Hi, just wondering if you’ve ever heard of Avenir Oils before? I put their link in for you. Trying to decide if I should purchase from them or not. Thanks!

  26. Jen

    Hi many sites are giving recipes for DIY toothpaste including (a few drops of) Oil of Peppermint Oil. However, after checking, many sites are advising Oil of Peppermint as being TOXIC!! My decision is to stay away from using it in toothpaste. Any suggestions what could be used, as a replacement?

  27. Karen

    Thank you for all this info. While a patient in the hospital, I would sprinkle a mix of lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils in my pillow. It helped with my headaches and allowed me to relax. The nurses kept coming into my room just to inhale the wonderful scents. They took such great care of me that, after I was discharged, i went home and made 50 bottles of the same mixtures in cobalt blue bottles with roller balls. They loved them so much! They use them at home and at work. Being a nurse myself, I understand what they go through on a daily bases and how much these oils will benefit them. Even one of my doctors took several bottles I’ve made to give to patients!

    This page was so informative and taught me a lot that I either did not know or did not find in my research. I love to use these oils in ultrasonic humidifiers and in necklaces that hold something for scents.


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