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  1. Mary-Anne

    Such great information! I wish I had read the “warning” about diluting EO’s before putting directly on the skin. I purchased some essential lemon oil as I heard it was a a great way to brighten up the skin, clean pores etc. This morning after getting out of the shower, I liberally dabbed some on a cotton ball for that fresh clean feeling. What a mistake! Within seconds my face felt on FIRE, nothing would soothe it, I spread coconut oil on it hoping that would calm it down, I think it made it worse. Then I splashed ice cold water on it which seemed to help, but it took a good 5 minutes for the pain to subside. I was almost afraid to look in the mirror, fearing I would see blistered skin, thankfully all was good, just very red and that too went away. So please, please don’t make this mistakes of using undiluted EO’s and never, never on freshly washed, open pored skin! A very painful lesson to learn.

    • rosemary

      Refreshing. Nice to see a piece that isn’t selling oils from MLM’s. With the popularity of PEO’s on the upswing, people are not getting good information. I have been using essential oils for going on 30 years. It is nice to see people looking for alternatives, better to see some good general knowledge being published. Thanks!

    • Marianne M

      Putting water on an oil drives it deeper into the skin, fyi. You had it right by diluting it…works after too. You must be fair skinned for it to burn like that…or more likely it had a chemichal or pesticide that didnt agree with your skin.

  2. Olivia

    Great resource! It’s so important to understand the difference between essential oils and “real” — oils, seed oils, carrier oils, fixed oils — are there other names? I’m not sure. Both are wonderful, but they are so so different in structure and application. I’ve noticed a fair amount of misinformation going around where essential oils and carrier oils written about as the same thing or interchangeable. Your clear description is super valuable.

  3. Leanne Kennedy

    I would like to start using Essential Oils on my skin to get rid of acne. I read your post and saw that you mentioned price didn’t necessarily matter, but then you mentioned different brands. If I am wanting to get rid of my acne should I go for the higher priced EO, or will the cheaper one do the trick?

    Thanks! I love the info here!!

    • Hi Leanne! I’ve been using Young Living Essential oils for a while now, and I love them! I would definitely make sure you have researched any brand of EO you decide to use. I can vouch for Young Living. Go to my website and check it out. :) Best of luck to you!

  4. Di Mattos

    Hi, would you mind if I used some of these facts on my oily Facebook page Di’s Essential Oils – More than Just Aromatherapy? Thanks.

  5. I have read the entire article and here’s the part I’m interested the most:

    “To test your essential oil to see how “pure” it is, put a single drop of it on a piece of construction paper. If it evaporates quickly and leaves no noticeable ring, it is pure. If you have a ring left, then it is likely diluted by the manufacturer with an oil of some sort (this test will not work for myth, patchouli, and absolutes).”

    Most of the time I encounter oil products labeled as “unadulterated,” and I don’t trust any of it. But I think I’m going to try some and test if it’s pure or not. However, is there a way for to to return it by just saying I tested it in construction paper and it’s not pure?

  6. Such great info!! Thank you! I am an independent distributor for Nture’s Sunshine products. They have an essential oils product line but I have been trying to learn more about them so that I can use them and recommend them. This was a lot Of great information. The chart you posted a link to will not
    Come up. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a current
    Link to that or a copy of it! Again this was the one place where I found the most useful
    Information about essential oils. Now I need to learn about blending!!

  7. Jen

    Young living by far beats all oils do your research on them do terra reuses there bottles. Young living does not. N there pan away is amazing for any kind of pain. I have tried every oils and I must say young essentials are the best , most expensive but u get what u pay for.

    • Doterra is sister company of Young Living !!!

    • Jenn

      Mountain Rose Herbs is a reputable, ethical company with pure EO’s, as is Neal’s Yard Remedies which abides by the stringent regulations of the UK, which the US does not have.

    • TAMI

      After dong much research and reading many reviews. Native American nutritional’s is the choice of most that use essential oils commercially. Do terra is 2nd and young living is right up there. Most professional’s don’t even want to touch young living and other pyramid marketing companies. A friend sells young living so I did get a bottle of valor from her. I have a variety of brands that i found through research just to try them. From what I’ve read, young living and doterra are so expensive because of how they are marketed. Not because they are superior.

  8. trey

    This is pseudosciencetific drivel, and a money racket

  9. Debbie K

    Cruchy Betty.

    What is your views on Organic Infusions, if any. I have been using there EO’s for a little over a year and do like them alot. When I first started using oils I did try do terra but there oils seem to have a certain similiar smell, almost as if something was added. I’m not sure why my senses picked that up. I did do some research where I found out they did use a marketing tool to sell products. That being said, the sellers of Organic Infusions never once bashed do terra. They did tell me to try different EO’s and find what works best for me and so far I’ve been happy with their oils.

  10. Max

    For some years now I have been applying several drops each of undiluted pure essential oils patchouli, ylang ylang, sandalwood and cedarwood to my neck and throat after a shower, and the fragrance is wonderful, but as a bonus this same fragrance comes up from the toilet bowl every time I do a dump. To confirm I wasn’t imagining it, the first time it happened I smelt the loo paper after the first wipe and there was the fragrance of all those essential oils. Why is this, and has anyone else had the same experience ? I must be one of the very few people in the world who can say that not only does their shit not stink, but that it is exotically perfumed !

  11. ever since I switched over from using Doterra and YL I wouldn’t go back to any other oil, I love it so much and my family that I became a distributor. Life is great! Blessings and healthy living! :)

  12. I heard that peppermint oil put in a diffuser makes you stop coughing. Just wanted feedback do you know if this is true.

    • Kirsten

      Peppermint is good but Eucalyptus Radiata and some of the blends from Young Living (R.C., Raven) are better for reducing coughs, along with lavender and lemon to help calm the cough. You can also blend these with a carrier oil and apply to the neck and chest.

      • You have to be careful about using Peppermint in a diffuser because it will cause horrible headaches. Srs it will, so just be careful. Found that out the hard way. :o
        If you have a cough, read up on what oil is best, but Peppermint is great for many things and will probably work. Just mix it with a carrier oil first and then, rub on the neck & chest. Agree with Kristen, LOVE R.C. Blend by YL and would never do without my Lavender or Lemon. :)
        Found it to tremendously help me with my headaches and really helps my migraines, not feel so intense. Just rub some on your temples, forehead and under the nose. Feel the relief coming on.
        Also, trust in YL because don’t have to worry if it is of quality or not when buying, but going to look into the Mountain herb oil as well.
        Thank you for ALL the info, BETTY!!!

  13. Donnie

    Wonderful information! I just started researching oils and I want to use him for my classroom I’ve also wondered about using them around my cats I know some essential oils are not safe for cats I would never put them on topically, however I diffuse them in my bedroom and they sleep with me Do you have any insight on this topic? Thanks again for such great information !!

    • Sammy

      I would be careful about using essential oils as a fragrance in the classroom. I, myself, am allergic to most perfumes and you could be torturing some students without knowing it.

      • rosemary

        I totally agree about being careful with fragrances. I work with many a child on the autism spectrum and they are typically hypersensitive to any input. Scents, natural or man-made can send even typically developing children into a behavioral melt-down or other symptom. I would stay away from it personally in the classroom.

  14. Thanks for such an elaborate, informative piece, really loved redoing it.

  15. really liked reading this informative piece, more so as I’m now dealing with doTERRA essential oils.

  16. Karen

    I am interested in getting the “recipe” for the oils that are used for the brain memory.

  17. A. Harris

    Just trying to learn about Essential Oils their uses and value.
    Thank you for all of this information. I will try to get through it and learn as much as possible.

  18. sandra

    Learned some more things I did not know and it was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help others.

  19. Excellent post. I was checking constantly thiis blog annd I’m impressed!
    Very useful information specifically the ultimate section :)
    I handle such information a lot. I used tto bee looking for this certain info for
    a lopng time. Thank youu and good luck.

  20. KJ

    I’m sensitive to many sources and when my acupuncturist applied peppermint oil to an aching shoulder it sent me right into orbit. Anxiety and blood pressure were out of control for several days. I have always been able to eat peppermint with no problem but the oil while applied to the skin was way too intense. Now just the scent of it sets me off. Be careful.

  21. Charlene

    i used peppermint oil neat on my inside elblows for hot flashes. I was fine for three days doing this. Now my inner elblows are swollenand bright red. Any idea what i can alleviate the symptoms with?

  22. Maya

    This is really a good synopsis of important things to know, good job!! Just wanted to correct one point though. According to essential oil expert Robert Tisserand, being allergic to , say, ginger tea does NOT necessarily mean you’d be allergic to ginger essential. Plants and their corresponding EO’s do not necessarily have the same properties or actions. A patch test can be done if one is concerned about the possibility of being allergic to an essential oil.

  23. I’m familiar with EO at one time I used YL the only problem with that is they were to expensive in my opinion. So I quit for awhile. I deal on a daily basis with fibromylgia,osteoarthritis and anxiety. Due to all this my doctor took me off of a sleeping pill said I was sleeping to much in the day plus I went to the library for a free class about sleeping patterns and I was told to get off the OTC sleeping meds. Wow want to talk about a withdraw plus the lack of sleep I was getting. I was like an owl still sleeping in the day up at night. I had to do something. My sister told me about piping rock that’s where she’d been getting her essential oils. So I got my Lavender and Bergamont and at reasonable prices.Their great I sleep well now.

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  25. Great article! I like the way everything is explained in detail. I love essential oils and use few kinds for aromatherapy, but the thing I always wanted to do is to include essential oils in my homemade cleaning solutions. In your article I found all the information and advices I needed, so now I already can use essential oils for cleaning too. Thank you for the hints!

  26. Christopher

    I am interested in using essential oils but from an ecological standpoint, the ratio of plants against oil in production worries me. What’s the carbon footprint for producing these oils – any research been done?



  27. Overly Curious in Ohio

    I am all new to this, so don’t judge to hard. I am wondering if ESSENTIAL OILS HELP WITH PAIN/SORENESS? For example, getting leg cramps in the middle of the night where it wakes you up from a dead sleep and all you can think of doing is walking it off and then the aftermath soreness is still there gets quite aggravating after about the first two times. Being a semi non believer in pills, I’m looking for alternatives. Would essential oils be something that would help in this particular situation? If so, any recommendations? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

    • Denisenark

      I realize that it’s been a while since you posted this question, but hope this information helps anyway. My poor husband had the same problem with leg cramps. Took supplements for potassium and ate bananas and oranges like crazy. No difference. Heard then that the deficiency that causes these cramps is more likely related to magnesium, so he started taking a magnesium supplement. Still no difference.

      Finally learned that mag isn’t well absorbed in the gut and can have unwanted side effects if you take enough to help the deficiency, but that it’s very well absorbed through the skin. Epsom salts baths help some people, but we only have a shower. Besides, magnesium *chloride* (ES is mag sulfate) is a much better type of magnesium and has quicker effects on the deficiency. Absorption through the skin doesn’t have the same side effects as taking it into the gut.

      I bought a jar of mag chloride at WF and tried it as a for soak for him. It worked the very first night! However, that jar ( a little over a cup) was $15. am very frugal, (hence interested in this article) and after doing much shopping around I ordered a large bag of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes from Amazon, and it works out so much less expensive that way. Now I use 1/2c in a gallon of the hottest water possible and he soaks for 30 minutes each night. No more cramps. BONUS: when he’s done, I reheat half of that water in the micro and soak my own feet in it. I have osteoarthritis and general soreness all over, and there is a significant difference in my pain level now, as well. Mag is a great anti inflammatory nutrient.

  28. This was really helpful, however do you have good recommendation how to use the EOs, I am especially thinking for tea tree oil, how diluted to use it for acne skin and how often? Could not find any good advises about this.

  29. Hi, I was wondering if you have heard of White Lotus Aromatics? If so what are your thoughts on them? I’m somewhat new to the essential oil life, I just bought a couple of oils from Rocky Mountain Essential Oils, but I’m going further down the rabbit hole in my research for the best essential oils out there. I’ve been reading a lot on White Lotus, but will also be checking out Native Americans.

  30. Marie

    I was just wondering how many types of different oils can you use per day,and also how many drops to use per day safely. Love this page, thank you dear.

  31. rosa

    I want to know if it is safe to use these essential oils aound the eyes area.

  32. Jeanne

    Can the oils be used as a scent for the washing machine instead of using fabric softner?

  33. Wenderz

    I love essential oils! I use NOW Oils because they are affordable and easy to find. I think Young Living and DoTerra are over priced marketing scams. I tell everyone I use NOW. I have great success using the more reasonable priced oils and they even make some of their own blends. Highly recommend but everyone needs to find what brand works for them.

  34. Chuck S

    > More importantly, because essential oils cannot be patented, drug companies will not waste money studying them. This limits our scientific knowledge of essential oils GREATLY


    Have you ever heard of academic research?

    You know, the entire point of universities?

    Have you ever even been to university? Profs are very left-leaning and very open minded. There are more than a few grad students and profs that would and do absolutely publish studies on essential oils based just on their own interest and field of research.

  35. Peace

    I want to use this medium to show my appreciation for the information passed across. However, I have a question. My question is, can I mix two essential oils? For example, can I mix tee tree and rosemary essential oils for my hair use, to treat dandruff and also make my hair grow? Is this possible? If I do this, are there any side effects?

  36. Bryanne

    I started using oils about 3 months ago. I put a couple of drops of lemon in my water and drink it, use peppermint and citrus oils for aromatherapy energy bombs, have started using them for cleaning, and, I just found a great deoderant recipe that works for me! I’m a fairly large woman (5’10”, 300 pounds) and I sweat a lot, but this recipe works. I use 20 drops each of lemon, frankincense, and lavender in a small roller bottle topped with melted coconut oil. My pits don’t smell at all, even after a fairly hard workout. Some people like fractionated coconut oil, and others like grape seed oil. I prefer melted coconut oil because I like a slightly thicker viscosity. Plus, if it solidifies, just shake the bottle repeatedly and it will get back to normal. For those that want a spray recipe, fill your same 20 drops of each oil into a 3 oz spray bottle and then top it off with witch hazel.

  37. Paula Garcia

    I’m totally new to thr essential oil world. All I’d heard is Young Living is the only pure one and the only way to go. I was skeptical and I don’t know why. Have started reading and now I’m even more confised that when I started lol! Who do/can I trust. It’s hard to trust some of these big companies out there cause I feel they will tell you anything to sell you something. I wish we lived in a world of mom and pop places where u knew and trusted the person you bought from. Sigh….
    Anyway, on to my question…I am basically interested in the most basic of oils. Peppermint, lavender, lemon or orange and possibly tea tree as my daughter has severe scalp (dandruff ?) issues. I also have recently started to make soap and am looking dor something natural yet affordable to scent them with. Where would u recommend I get these oils for this use?

  38. Esther

    Sorry, *check out, not can.

  39. This is a great explanation about essential oils. I agree that most EOs cannot be used neat or undiluted – other than therapeutic essential oils such as Young Living. Even with YL, not all can be ingested or used on children so take note.

  40. John

    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.

  41. John


    The reasoning for not using an oil that is “undiluted”, is so you do not use an oil in a concentrated, full strength form. So it doesn’t matter what company you may get it from, even “therapeutic essential oils from Young Living” as you referenced in your post, if it’s “undiluted”, then it’s “undiluted”. Simple as that.

  42. bethann

    Actually John, that isn’t entirely true. Unlike many products EOs are not required to list everything that is in them. Some grocery and drug store brands of EOs come already diluted only this isn’t mentioned on the bottle. You can unknowingly over dilute your EOs by adding additional carrier because you think the product you have gotten from the drugstore is pure.
    Young Living oils are therapeutic grade and some of them can be applied neat but many recommend at least a 1:1 with a carrier. Always research the oils and know how to dilute them but also understand that your body may tell you that 1:4 peppermint is too diluted and isn’t giving you the best benefits. Each person responds to oils differently and should allow their body time to respond to the oil. If after an extended time – YL recommends at least 25 minutes for their oils – you haven’t noticed any affect attempt the oil again with less dilution. Keep track of your responses to each oil and base your use on the notes you have taken.


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