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  1. CrazyChickenLady

    I really enjoyed reading this! The eye mask thing I will be trying! I have 4 hens in our back garden, they are such characters (highly recommend rescuing some ex-batteries, check out BHWT in the UK) and have supplied us with countless eggs! We recently moved them into a bigger home on grass, but now all the grass is gone, they are on the muddy remains, and get quite mucky. I have also noticed they eat an awful lot of the soil! And their poop is very much just soil!!
    I thought the fact about the eggs absorbing surrounding smells was interesting, as we have noticed that recently (the last 2-3 weeks) our eggs have had a rather grassy/muddy taste. Could it be because of their new dwelling?
    I am still researching, but reckon it’s something to do with this.
    Anyway, I’ll be back for more reading soon! Thank you! x

  2. I’ve eaten eggs all my life and had no idea of all their uses. I’ll do better now that you’ve educated me :)

  3. robyn sheriff

    fantastic article!! we raise chickens. and i encourage everyone i know to do the same. this last year for eggs. this spring we will do meat chickens as well. it teaches our children the circle of life. and responsibility. love our chickens

  4. dee miller

    I have backyard chickens. I get 19 eggs a day I am always looking for things to do with all those eggs. There is nothing like a fresh egg . I have started to sale some.

  5. dee miller

    How do I keep my brown a dark brown ?

  6. I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

  7. claire

    great article but could you please remove the apostrophe in the word CATS (CAT’S DON’T LIE…) it doesn’t belong there.


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