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  1. Having the photos of your sister’s kitchen really made this post for me! And the idea of using what you have.

    • Haha. Well, I don’t know how many times today, she said, “I can’t believe my pantry’s there for everyone to see.” So I’m glad you had fun with it. I might be paying for it for years. Heh.

  2. Just found you through the SITS 31DBBB challenge discussion… And OMG I wish I had found your blog sooner! This stuff is right up my alley – I just love using stuff from my kitchen for my face! :) Thank you for all this info, and I’m sure I’ll be back again soon! :)

    • Yay! Don’t forget to blog about putting food on your face (in the form of a homemade facial mask) and send me a pic. I’ll put it in the gallery and you’ll be famous FOREVER. With food on your face. Ha.

  3. Great post! I love and use many of those on my face all the time. I especially love to use honey and yogurt – nothing feels better than an honey-yogurt mask!

    Thanks for participating in the DIY Green Living Blog Hop. Hope to see you there again! Peace. ;)

    • Nice to “see” you, too. I think we have a lot in common. I’ll be making my face known around your parts. Can’t wait to read more soon!

  4. liz

    I would love to have a good exfoliant because wearing glasses, I know I get more oils and yuck on and around my nose. We always have bananas, so I’m going to try it. I’m sure Kate will get a kick out of it!

    • Don’t know if you caught my little tip a while back, but just a swipe with some lettuce that you bruise is a great way to quickly get rid of the oil and whatnot. Works like a charm, and was probably the “tip” that surprised me the most when I found it a few years ago.

      I’m so excited to hear how it goes!

  5. Yup, I’ve got all those ingredients (well, except the oats….gluten free kidlet in the house) and even purchased organic they are still heaps cheaper (and less toxic) that a lot of what’s on the market for our faces! I’ll have to try some of those! :>

    • Crunchy Betty

      I got so excited when I read “gluten free,” because my friend Turu owns a gluten-free creperie. But then I realized the likelihood that you’re within driving distance of Manitou Springs is nil. But if you’re ever out that way, go to Coquette!

      And that’s exactly what got me into this – getting tired of reading the back of my store-bought stuff and not being able to pronounce 3/4 of the ingredients.

      Let me know what you think if you try some!

  6. Definitely learned some things from this post! Stopping by from SITS and 31DBBB!

  7. What does it say about me when I admit that I only have one of the items in my kitchen – yogurt.

    • Crunchy Betty

      I love that you admitted it! I’d like to know what you DO have in your kitchen, to see if I can come up with any way you could put any of it on your face. It’s fast becoming an obsession.

  8. 7 out of 10… you’re right, I’ve got no excuse not to!

  9. Excellent! What an informative post! Thank you.
    We always have overripe bananas in the hammock. Now I know what to do with them.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Hahaha. Banana Hammock.

      And it’s overripe.

      I should not be allowed to respond to comments after 10:00. My mind goes to silly, silly places.

  10. Jan

    You inspire me :)

  11. Good stuff as always. Grabbing a lemon right now. :)

  12. Wow, great article. I make my own cleaning products for the house, but i’ve never tried making them for myself. I’m definitely going to give a few of these a try.

    When i was reading through, I remembered that I used to use lemon on my fingernails when i was a teenager. Put your nails in half a lemon and let stand for a few minutes… A great way to clean and brighten nails. I totally forgot about it.

    Glad i found your blog, it’s right up my alley. Thanks for joining blogflow.

    • Crunchy Betty

      Yay! I’m so happy for blogflow, and can’t wait to do more with it when I’m home and have time.

      Thanks for visiting, and put food on your face yeah? Blog it. I will link it. It will be love.

  13. I love your list, especially because now I can stop throwing my brown bananas into the freezer with the intention of making banana bread out of it. I have only about 312 brown bananas in the freezer now.

    Love your site, love that you provide comment love and think it’s pretty darn cool you’re from Manitou. :o)

    • Crunchy Betty

      Shoot. I remember when I added all eight bajillion people from #31DBBB on Twitter and saw your name and cracked up and couldn’t wait to go to your blog and then my nephew spilled his water on me and then I forgot.

      Now I can’t wait again! Anyone whose blog is named Grandma’s Briefs is at the top of my reader immediately. So that means … you’re totally going to get sick of me commenting.

      Also, you should send me banana bread. As many loaves as 312 bananas make.

  14. I just loved this post because it reminds me of when I was a teenager and my mom taught me all these crunchy tricks, with the exception of the olive oil. I grew up in the midwest and we used Crisco as makeup remover. Yikes!

    Anyway, I am going to pull out the brown banana, throw in a little oatmeal, almonds and honey and show my kids how to exfoliate the crunchy way.

    You are too cute and I am adicted to this blog.


  15. I had it on my list tonight to figure out what to do w/ 5 egg whites from making mayo since I’m almost out of coconut and can’t make macaroons. Put one on my face. That couldn’t be simpler! Yes!

    Glad @diannekennedy “introduced” us on Twitter – :) Katie

  16. I’ve actually seen a video of Michelle Phan on Youtube use eggs as a mask on her face. I think in the same video she also used seaweed from her suishi on her face as well. lol Hilarious!

  17. princeSS

    hey i used the egg mask and it works

  18. Awesome list – just some other thoughts – coconut oil, calendula, lavender, comfrey leaf, cinnamon and nutmef


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